Jan 272015

In this Flip Through I take a look at the rule book for Robotech tactics.  If you are thinking about playing the game here is what the book hold for you.

I will be doing a full game review shortly after I finish putting together all the models.  Check back next week for some more assembly videos.

Figure Forge Regult Recon Pod For Robotech Tactics

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Jan 062015

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Zentraedi Regult Recon Pod for Robotech Tactics Palladium Books.   Watch Matt struggle through this one.  He advises you watch the whole show before assembling your model.




I hope I have the chance to bring these models to Adepticon.   If not I’m really looking to play soon.

Dec 112014

The Role of Character

What does it mean to have character? If you are like most players you will start defining your path by picking your race and rolling some stats. Then you pick a class and maybe an alignment, and then you gear up for adventure. For many that’s all there is to creating a character, but for what I believe to be a much more exciting experience, personality needs to be bred into the character. I don’t mean a superficial background that is created by a few random rolls; I mean one that gives a certain amount of depth to one’s personality thus influencing thought patterns. Creating a character like that is a challenge that introduces ethical challenges that go beyond an alignment or dispositions established by a particular game system.

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Dec 042014

In this episode Matt covers the agenda that will hopefully bring us into the new year.  That agenda will include developing the role of character in at least five parts. ability scores, race, class, alignment, and personality.  it doesn’t matter what role-playing game you play there will be something in these videos for you.


I know this session wasn’t super exciting but thanks for watching.

Box Breaking 139 Robotech RPG Tactics

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Sep 232014

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at Robotech Tactics from Palladium.   This box set contains everything 2 players need to play the game; Rulebook, 15 Veritech’s 2 Tomahawks, 2 Defenders 12 Battlepods template, dice and more.



I’m super stoked about this game.

Words With Kevin Siembieda From Palladium Press @ Gen Con

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Aug 232014

I approached Kevin at Gen Con and asked to do an interview.  He was happy to chat about everything Palladium Book does while dropping some eggs about the future.




I’m looking forward to some great things for Robotech, Palladium, and Rifts.