Yashima is Green Brier Games Next Kickstarter

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Aug 212014

One of the highlights of my Gen Con Experience was stopping by the GreenBrier Games booth and learning about Yashima.   The first part of this experience was meeting with Tony, the game developer.  We did an interview where he discusses the basic mechanics of the game


I fell in love with that description.

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Words With Julie Ahern from Greenbrier Games

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Jun 182014

gamer-goggles_logo_xlargeJulie and I had teh chance to sit down and chat a bit about everything that has been happening with Greenbrier Games since October 2012. It is an overwhelming interview that was a lot of fun. Julie and I discuss Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice, Heavy Steam and more.



Check out their products at Greenbrier Games.



Hull Breach from Green Brier Games

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Apr 302014

Hull BreachHull Breach: Corporate Wars

$40.00 SRP


Hull Breach is a sci-fi cards-and-dice game set in the future and puts players in command of a space station out among the stars. Their mission is to improve their station, build a powerful fleet of warships and Marines, and then destroy their opponents with help from various events, tactics and technological breakthroughs!


Players take turns drawing cards, managing their per-turn economic gain, and manufacturing what forces they can before deciding whether or not to attack their enemies or continue biding their time. Games can be short and brutal, or they can be long and cautious, but the end result is the same: only one player can be left standing to achieve dominance of the sector. Some players will be adept at producing sheer numbers of ships, others at making a smaller number of ships more powerful individually, and others at simply stalling, manipulating, and controlling their foes.


Hull Breach: Corporate Wars comes with three pre-constructed 55-card decks representing the “Big Three” mega-corporations: Xeros Engineering, Anaheim Manufacturing, and the Bank of the Galaxy – each with its own different playstyle.


The box set contains:

-The three decks

-A supply of ten-sided dice

-Four different stocks of colored plastic beads and tokens for keeping track of various game effects

-A soft-bound rulebook

-A soft-bound fiction supplement containing more information about the game universe.

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Zpocalypse: Zmaster Expansion June 14th

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Jun 072013

ZpocZpocalypse: Zmaster Expansion

$40.00 SRP

Zmaster adds a fifth player to the Zpocalypse main game as the game master. This new player controls the zombies as they converge upon the survivors, who are trying to protect their bunker. Via zombie upgrades, new mutated zombie miniatures and the Deck of Doom, the zombie master adds new mechanics which spice up an already epic zombie survival game. Choose which scenario you prefer for the style of zombies to combat each game.


Zmaster provides rules and mechanics for altering the physics of the game to make it harder or easier, depending on your preferences and style of play. It turns Zpocalypse into the ultimate sandbox for testing out survival strategies and testing out how one would cope with a zombie threat.


Requires the Zpocalypse main game to play.


2-5 players

Ages: 13+

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Apr 292013

zpoc_overview_adIn this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Zpocalypse.   Zpoc is a semi-cooperative board game that take place in a post apocalyptic world. The game lends both a tactical miniatures feel and RPG flavors to create a unique  game experience.





You can learn everything there is to know about Zpocalypse at GreenBrier Games.

The GreenBrier crew is currently using Kickstarter to make Zpocalypse  Aftermath a super reality.  The Kicksater link is on the right hand side of the screen.

If you liked our video and want to stay up to date with  videos yon can follow us using any of the social media links on the right hand side of your screen.


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Words With Ricky from Green Brier Games

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Oct 172012

At Con on the Cob 2012 we had a chance to sit down with the artist of Zpocalypse, the new Game from Green Brier Games.  Zpoc is a post apocalyptic semi co-op game about surviving the growing a zombie horde.





As soon as we can pick a copy up we will do that to give you a good look at the contents.

In the mean time if you wish to learn more visit Green Brier Games.