Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters

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Jun 012015

YashimaYashima: Legend of the Kami Masters



A long time ago the Kami, spirit protectors of the world, were unknown to all but those who practiced Shinto. Then, a cataclysmic event nearly destroyed us all. What was salvaged from the wreckage were people who could see Kami and bond with them. This power, combined with elite training in schools of martial arts, lead to powerful clans fighting against the chaos. But what happened when the darkness was defeated? The strongest fighters bonded with their Kami are destined to repeat the past in a battle for honor and domination!


Yashima, Legend of the Kami Masters is a card-driven miniatures game where each player customizes their deck in a free-for-all or team based showdown to be the last one standing! It includes four characters and four Kami, each with their own deck of cards. Each character has their own high-detail miniature.


2-4 players

Ages 14+

45 minute play time

WizKids Preview Dormammu

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Feb 062012

Galactic Guardians Preview


The brother of Umar and uncle of Doctor Strange’s beloved Clea, Dormammu can be played at either 600 or 250 points.  When used at the lower point value, Dormammu begins his dial on click 10.  Dormammu possesses the Deity, Mystical, and Ruler keywords at his 250-point level.  At 600 points, he also gains the Future keyword.

Dormammu hits the battle map with a trait, Lord of the Dark Dimension, which allows him to use Probability Control.  To show that Dormammu has dominion over the Dark Dimension, the trait also allows friendly characters to ignore damage that is dealt by the Mystics team ability!

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