Nov 302013

In this Flip Through Matt examines the pages and quality of the Dropzone Commander rulebook.  This review focuses heavily on the images within in the book, especially those featuring the models and terrain.   Matt also  talks about the quality of the book.

Dropzone Commander is produced by Hawk Wargames.

Box Breaking 80 Mage Wars Druid vs Necromancer

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Nov 282013

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the newest expansion for Mage Wars; Druid vs Necromancer.  He spends some time examining the new spells as well as the art.  He even gives a pretty in depth overview of the new mage abilities.  As usual this expansion looks to be a promising addition to the Mage Wars Universe.



Mage Wars is produced by Arcane Wonders.

Flip Through Mythic Origins for Pathfinder

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Nov 272013

In this Flip Through Matt takes you through the Mythic Origins book for Pathfinder.  This book explains how to make your character become the tales of bardic songs.  Some of the paths, include becoming a herald, a godling, or simple following an archmage path.  The book also includes new spells and new effects for currents spells cast by mythic characters.

Nov 222013

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the Dropzone Commander 2 player Box set from Hawk Wargames.  Inside you will see all of the minis dice/ tape, buildings,  and the play mat.

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Nov 202013

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Pathfinder Society Primer.  He spends about twice as much time as he normally would because the book was a little different than expected.  The primer is a broad overview of the Pathfinder Society (PFS).  If you think it is just a promotion to play in Paizo’s organized play you  might want to watch this video.

We hope that this has made your decision on become a pathfinder a well advised one.

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Nov 192013


Developer of the World’s Best-Selling RPG Calls on Players Worldwide to Help Shape the Game’s New Rulebook


REDMOND, WA (November 19, 2013): Paizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of the world’s best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, today launches a worldwide open playtest for the forthcoming Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide hardcover rulebook.


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide introduces ten new classes to the Pathfinder RPG, each offering new opportunities and abilities, and supported with a wealth of new rules, archetypes, feats, spells and magic items. The new classes include arcanist, bloodrager, brawler, hunter, investigator, shaman, skald, slaver, swashbuckler, and warpriest.


“Nothing gets Pathfinder players excited like new classes,” said Paizo Publisher Erik Mona, “but since the rules for class design touch almost every aspect of the Pathfinder rules system, it’s more important than ever that we put them through their paces with a rigorous playtest. I can’t wait to see how Pathfinder players respond to what our designers have come up with, but more importantly, I can’t wait to see how player comments and feedback make them even better!”


Participants in the playtest will be able to download and review all ten new classes, use them in their games, or pit them against monsters and other foes to test the power, balance, and overall clarity of the new classes. Via the messageboards, playtesters can directly communicate with the Pathfinder RPG design team and other players, helping to polish and refine the classes, while also taking part in surveys and brainstorms to help make the Advanced Class Guide a seamless addition to the Pathfinder RPG.


The playtest is now open to all via a free download from, and will end on December 20, 2013. Pathfinder RPG: Advanced Class Guide is slated for an August 2014 release.


The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game launched 5 years ago after 10 years of system development and the largest open playtest in the history of tabletop gaming, with more than 50,000 playtesters contributing the success of what has grown into the best-selling RPG in the world. For more information, please visit


About Paizo Publishing

Paizo Publishing®, LLC is a leading publisher of fantasy roleplaying games, accessories, board games, and novels. Paizo’s Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game is the world’s best-selling tabletop roleplaying game. is the leading online hobby retail store, offering tens of thousands of products from a variety of publishers to customers all over the world. In the eleven years since its founding, Paizo Publishing has received more than 50 major awards and has grown to become one of the most influential companies in the hobby games industry.

Nov 122013

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the pawns from the Bestiary 2 box set.    If you are looking to expand your hoard this might just e the way to add to your collection.


Thanks for watching.  I look forward to using many of these monster to give my children’s player characters nightmares.  Check back next week and get a look at the Pathfinder Society Primer.

Words With Gothic City Press

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Oct 292013

Cover5-8.5x11-previewAt Con on the Cob we had the chance to chat with Erin and Colleen Garlock of Gothic City Press and Sacred Conviction Cover#1-2013-v2-front-smallCity Production.  They are independent publishers with the mission of exposing new authors to print.  In less than one year they managed to print three anthologies.






You can send your submissions to Gothic City Press and Sacred City Productions.


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Words With Jason Hardy

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Oct 252013

I had the opportunity to chat with Jason Hardy while at Con on the Cob.  We talked about Shadowrun of course.   We specifically hit on some of these; Evolution of game mechanics (light), An archetype book, Ares Corporation,  Splintered State, Intro box set, Sprawl Gangers,  and Crossfire.

You can check out everything you need on Shadowrun at Catalyst Game Labs.

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