Box Breaking 216: Zpocalypse Defend the Burbs

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Aug 212017

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Zpocalypse Defend the Burbs the slightly less cooperative version of Zpocalypse.  While Zpocalypse is a survival game on steroids  this rendition of the game takes it to a whole new level.

Stab the guy next to you and run!

City Of Horror From Asmodee

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Sep 292012

City Of Horror

$ 50.00

In City of Horror, you’re playing a group of humans faced with a zombie invasion. The struggle against the dead is important, but your own survival is vital! To win, you’ll have to make alliances but also betray your companions. A game is played over 4 turns. Each turn represents one hour of time before reinforcements arrive. These turns are played out similarly: zombies arrive, players move one of their characters and then each location is resolved (power and attack). At the end of the 4 turns of play, the player with the most victory points (characters, food and antidote) wins the game. But be careful: to get into the helicopter, the players will have to make sure each of their living characters has been vaccinated. The box contains: 7 site tiles; 3 road tiles and a water tower area; 1 water tower; 21 character cards; 21 character tokens; 1 woman with baby character token; 40 zombie tokens; 30 colored bases; 36 movement cards; 40 action cards; 20 invasion cards; 6 explosion markers; 1 starting player marker; 12 food tokens; 16 antidotes; 1 zombie leader marker; 3 caches to be used when parties to less than 6 players; and 6 markers to indicate the color of the player.


To see more of their games go visit them at Asmodee edition: board games

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Zombie Survival 2: There Goes the Neighborhood From Twilight Creations

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Apr 112012

Zombie Survival 2: There Goes the Neighborhood

$ 19.99 SRP


Let’s face it, zombies are many things but, graceful is not one of them. Thankfully, you didn’t listen when the wife told you to clean the yard. Those lawn gnomes and pink flamingos don’t seem to stop them. They do however, slow ’em down. Maybe it will be enough!


Zombie Survival 2 adds: -Outside Item tiles (To “Slow ‘Em Down!) -3 Additional Store Decks (More Shopping…Hurray!) -A new card type! “The Fate Deck” (Wasn’t the Event Deck Enough?!?) -Damage tokens (For use with the Flak Jacket) -Lots more Zombies (As if there weren’t enough) THIS EXPANSION REQUIRES THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE SET

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