Apr 182013

D&DEncWizards of the Coast announces the next season of D&D Encounters – and a D&D first! Returning to the famed city of Neverwinter, the Storm Over Neverwinter season begins today and runs through June 5.


For the first time ever, D&D Encounters features higher level starting play! Players can begin this season at 4th level and use any official 4th Edition materials to create their character. Players also have the option to play through Storm Over Neverwinter as either a D&D 4th Edition adventure or as part of the D&D Next Playtest. Conversion notes are available for playtest participants at www.dndnext.com.


In this season of D&D Encounters, players head back to one of the most popular adventuring locations. Neverwinter has persevered in the face of calamity, yet even as it rebuilds, an insidious threat rises from within its walls. Heroes are needed to stop these perils; otherwise the city might face an even greater danger on the horizon.


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