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Spot It! - Party!Spot It! – Party!

$19.99 SRP

Experience the ultimate Spot it! session with the expanded party edition. Game accessories inject a new factor of frenzied fun and rev up the challenge. Along with the playing cards, the box contains eight card holders and a totem of the game’s hand mascot. The cards have a brand new set of quirky and slightly “grown up” symbols, such as a gnome, a plunger, and headphones. If seasoned players are too quick to spot the symbols in the original Spot it!, the Party edition will level the playing field.

All the mini-games in Spot it! Party are centered on a mind boggling concept: between any two cards in the deck, there is always going to be one (and only one!) matching symbol. Players aim to be the quickest to spot the match. Trust us, this is easier said than done!

Discover never-before-seen ways to play like Dynamite and Double Frenzy. Players should keep their eyes peeled for their chance to snatch or pass the Hand Mascot, it can make or break a win! With 6 mini-games to master, Spot it! Party is the perfect recipe for an adrenaline pumping, uproarious and all around ruckus raising party game.


• 55 Cards

• Hand Mascot

• 8 Card Holders


Ages 10+

2-8 Players

Play Time: 30 min.

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