Dec 132011

I stumbled across this today.  It is the first I had heard about it.   I look forward to seeing these and to using them.   We are getting into all kinds of RPG’s  and we need more figs.

“Pathfinder Battles Preview: A Gaggle of Goblins and Gargoyles

Friday, December 8, 2011

Today’s preview blog marks an important milestone for the Heroes & Monsters set of prepainted Pathfinder Battles miniatures. With this preview, we’ve revealed all 40 miniatures in the set! In the few more weeks leading up to the formal release of Heroes & Monsters (looking like very early January, at this point), I’ll go back through the set and show off painted versions of early unpainted preview sculpts and digital renders, but with the images below, you will have seen (in one form or another) every single miniature in our first Pathfinder Battles set. ”  That was from Pathfinders product preview blog.


You can go  read the rest of the article here  and here is the link for the product page


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