Mar 102012

Book of the Empress

$39.99 SRP


THE POWER OF THE EMPRESS The Champions Universe features many deadly super villains, but perhaps the most dangerous of them all is Istvatha V’han, Empress of a Billion Dimensions. Ruler of an empire that encompasses much of the Multiverse, she now has her sights set on the greatest prize of all: Champions Universe Earth! —a history of the Empress, from her earliest days conquering single planets up to her recent attempts to invade Earth’s dimension —an in-depth look at the Empress herself — her powers, motivations, and resources —a review of the Imperial Legions — the mighty V’hanian military — including its regular soldiers, superhuman soldiers, weapons, and vehicles —a description of the Multiverse of the Champions Universe, including its nature, its structure, and numerous example dimensions —a description of the V’hanian Empire itself, including V’han’s regents and viceroys, the imperial bureaucracy, the Imperial Security Force, how she plans and executes the conquest of a dimension, and her current plans for Earth

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