Mar 232015

MarsMars Attacks: Extermination Expansion



Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any weirder! The final push for Greenville is underway, and both sides call on heavy reinforcements – and one or two oddities, in order to get the job done!


The Science Division arrive to bolster the Martian Invasion effort. Under the direction of the insane genius of Chief Surgeon Gorl, they are here to finish the job that Tor started, whether he likes it or not. And as if that wasn’t enough, they bring giant bugs with them as well.

To meet this threat, Novas Vira have called in their most elite commando unit – the infamous Tiger Corps. Led by General Jaret, this mixed bunch of desperadoes have been fighting the Martians for years, and pack a punch that Tor and Gorl will not soon forget. Emerging from the ruins to help them comes the biggest terrestrial non-human defender yet, as Tunga the gorilla takes to the fight along with her keeper Craig.


This set contains:

1 Mars Attacks: Extermination Rulebook

1 Tiger Corps General Jaret

1 Tiger Corps Heroes: Shadow, Barnabus, Drex, Zeke & Corus

4 Tiger Corps Bounty Hunters

1 Martian Science Division Chief Surgeon Gorl & Wrex

1 Martian Science Division Unit Commander

1 Martian Science Divison Engineer

1 Martian Science Division Trooper with Heavy Blaster

6 Martian Science Division Troopers

1 Giant Mutant Ant & Science Division Handler

1 Giant Mutant Spider & Science Division Bug Handler


Note: Craig & Tunga are exclusive to the Extermination set!


All Mars Attacks miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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