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DWKB32 Kingdom of Britannia Steward Class Guardian Tank
Mounting a powerful turret mounted cannon at its fore, the Steward poses a significant threat to larger vehicles when in squadron strength or deployed alongside Mk II’s. However, the Academy’s real achievement was in modifying the bulky and power-hungry shield systems to fit in the Guardian Tank’s chassis. With protection normally reserved for the largest of vessels, these Tanks can weather the heaviest assaults the Imperial Bond can throw their way.




DWKB33 Kingdom of Britannia Foxhound Class Light Tank
Operations by the Britannian Tank Regiments across the world in 1871 revealed to the commanders of the Kingdom’s land forces that there was a need for a vehicle which combined the agility and speed of the Terrier battle tank with some of the MkII’s firepower. The Foxhound combines a scaled-down MKII hull with a new Armstrong automatic 6” cannon. It gives short-range fire support for Terrier squadrons and heavy armed recon. One particular duty which it has made its own is acting as an armed Forward Observation unit for artillery batteries.



DWPE32 Prussian Empire HM-1 ‘Recke’ Class Heavy Tank
The Recke combines the main strengths of both the Land Fleet and the Reichswehr. Although mounting a formidable array of gun batteries and Tesla coils, the Recke’s main purpose is to carry masses of hardened Prussian infantry directly into the heart of the battle. Personally approved by Sire Jaeger of the Reichswehr, the HM-1 protects its cargo during the most dangerous and crucial stages of an assault, allowing them to deploy straight into combat against whatever of the enemy remains after a Prussian armoured blitz!



DWFS32 Federated States of America Triumph Pattern Reno Class Command Tank (3) £4.17 £5.00
The ‘Triumph’ is a dedicated command vehicle, dispensing entirely with the standard main battery. Replacing the turret is a heavily armoured control tower from which a formation commander can operate in safety with his entire staff and a battery of communications and signalling equipment. Not only that, the bunker incorporates a powerful narrowbeam searchlight, allowing gunnery specialists to mark targets identified by the commander for utter destruction by the guntanks under his control.

DWBS32 Empire of the Blazing Sun Myobu Class Light Gyro Tank
The Myobu Class light tank is unique in that it has a small graviton array and a pair of turbofans coupled to its engine, giving it immense flexibility. The Myobu is designed for rapid deployment from transport barges during amphibious assaults, as well as scouting and fighting in areas utterly inaccessible to normal tanks. It is also an artillery spotter almost without equal on the ground. In these circumstances, its lighter armour is rarely an issue, and its main battery still packs a punch almost as heavy as that of its larger Chi-Ri brother.

DWBS33 Empire of the Blazing Sun O-I ‘Miage-Nyudo’ Class Heavy Walker
The Blazing Sun’s mighty heavy walkers operate in areas that would defeat conventional Land Ships. The ‘Miage-Nyudo’ variant, which has been issued in particular to army units serving in the confined island and jungle-covered warzones of South East Asia, is a highly effective command unit. The machine elevates senior commanders and artillery spotters far above ground-based obstructions, no matter how harsh the terrain. Its central tower is studded with dozens of rocket tubes, capable of plastering enemy forces with salvoes of fiery devastation.

DWCA32 Covenant of Antarctica Orpheus Class Drone Controller
Based on the sturdy Socrates hull, and nicknamed the ‘Dronemaster’, it is part tank and part armoured control centre. The presence of these vehicles acts as a failsafe in the event of communications breakdowns with automated units on the field, as well as increasing their performance. The Orpheus’ strong hull shields a crew of special Mechanist-Controllers, who can command diverse unmanned fighting machines including drone aircraft and combat-optimised Iron Men, with special radio and visual communications gear.

DWCA33 Covenant of Antarctica Skorpios Class Heavy Bombard
Based on the well-tried Atticus spider-tank, the Skorpios’ frame is heavily reinforced to bear the mighty ‘Long Lance’ accelerator-cannon. Using a small Sturginium pressure engine, the weapon generates a coiled magnetic field through which it hurls shots at ferocious velocities. The kinetic force alone can smash apart the toughest armour, and eyewitness reports speak of the streaking projectiles setting the air itself aflame with their passing.

DWRF32 Republique of France Arbalete Class Medium Land Carrier
Based on the Char 1C breakthrough tank, this machine incorporates an ingenious pivoting flight deck with a powerful catapult arrangement to launch aircraft skywards almost from a standing start. Although only a small number of aeroplanes are carried, they can be effectively loaded and launched in quick succession from the tank’s internal hangar. This allows Arbalete squadrons to provide rapid-response local fighter cover for air defence, or to strike against enemy flying engines that might otherwise threaten the French ground forces.



DWRC32 Russian Coalition Orlov Class Heavy Tank
Even by the standards of the Sturginium Age, the armoured units of the Russian Coalition are big and brutish. Outwardly crude, they possess a surprising amount of subtle technology beneath their blunt, armoured shells. Orlovs are frequently chosen as headquarters by mid-ranked Oprichnina officers, the tank’s massive firepower serving as inspiration to the Tsar’s soldiers, and a powerful inducement to any backsliders to hold their place in the line!

DWEX09 Invaders Starter Fleet
Although not part of the Dystopian Wars core plotline, these models make a superb addition to any game, catering for those moments when ‘the aliens’ come to Earth to conquer all and destroy mankind…


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