Jul 072015

Jolly Roger: The Game of Piracy & Mutiny


You are a crewmember on board a pirate ship and you have just elected your new captain. This man will lead you toward fortune or disaster… Luckily, if you don’t agree with his choices, you can always start a mutiny and become the next captain yourself!


Every turn, the Captain chooses a destination for the ship. When the ship attacks, players will (more or less!) cooperate to win, playing crew cards from their hands to win the battle and take the prize. Treasure gained is divided between all pirates, but your gold is never secure until you bury it at Treasure Island…


Unrest is always brewing – each time the Captain makes a choice, it is possible for one of the other players to call, “Mutiny” to try to overthrow him and become the new Captain. And when the mutiny begins, you’ll need to decide how to use your cards: how much will you cooperate, and what will you keep to yourself for the next mutiny?


Fast, rowdy, and easy to learn, Jolly Roger is equally fun for casual players and veterans of a thousand battles.


4-10 players

Ages 13+

30+ minute play time

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