Aug 122014

Golem Arcana: Durani Jagara Colossus (170 mm)

$64.99 SRp


Standing at 170mm tall (6 1/2”), The Jagara Colossus is the largest Golem in the Durani arsenal! The Jagara not only wreaks havoc on enemies with its terrifying Apocalyptic Blast, it’s so mighty that it destroys terrain and obstructions as it strides across the battlefield.

Duranni colossus

Also included are ten Wake of Destruction cards, and two new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army:

-Hantra’s Gems: that can be used to heal the Jagara in battle.

-Zyama’s Amulet: that allow the Jagara to dig a new mana well!

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