Mar 232015

nutsGo Nuts!



In Go Nuts!, players want to pile up the acorn points as quickly as they can. On a turn, the active player takes five squirrel dice and rolls them. Any dice showing cars are set aside out of play, while any acorns are worth one point. After each roll, the player can decide to stop and bank the acorn points or roll again.



If they ever roll only squirrels on the dice, they lose any points accumulated that turn and must call out “Go nuts!”, now rolling all five dice as quickly as possible and calling out the total number of acorns rolled as they go. All other players are simultaneously rolling one dog die each, which shows a doghouse on five sides and a dog on one. As soon as an opponent rolls a dog, that player barks; once all the opponents have barked, the active player stops rolling and scores all acorns rolled in this special “go nuts” round.


Players take turns until someone scores fifty or more points, thereby winning the game!


2-4 players

Ages 8+

15 minute play time



9 Custom dice

1 Score pad

1 Pencil

1 Rules of play

1 Rules in Spanish

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