Nov 172011

Rezolution is a sci-fi skirmish game from Aberrant Games.  It is set in a cyber punk world where corporations effectively rule all.  That theme always seems to lead the game into a “darker tomorrow”. As far as games go, it does a good job of putting fluff into the game.  It also does an excellent job of using simple mechanics  to achieve fast play.  Since it is a skirmish game you do not need  a lot of toys to play the game.

In order to start playing Rezolution you would need to choose a faction. The easiest and most cost effective way to do this is to buy one of the starter boxes.   Each box has quick start rules and about 5 figures.  If you want the rules you can buy a hard copy with the starter or you can download a copy at wargame vault. In other words for about 45.00 you have everything you will ever need to play the game.

There are a few game mechanics I would like to talk about, opposed  rolling,  models and wounds, craft, and hacking.   It is these 4 mechanics that make the game stand apart.   Opposed rolling is the where you shoot or make a melee attack against another model.  When you do this you and your opponent both roll two six sided dice and add the appropriate attribute to determine the victor.  When models get wounded the wound is recorded.  By making this record you track the “strength” of the figure.  As models are wounded they can face death sooner, or fall unconscious.  Craft is the magic and psionic attribute.  It only appears on models that have a magic or psionic ability.  Each model with craft has craft powers defined on the stat card.  Hack is well computer hacking.   It allows for the model to do thing like,  hack robots, and computers.  It also allows two or more hackers to duel on the grid (a network so to speak).   There are other cool mechanics that make this game  even better, but the  mechanics we spoke of are the ones that truly define Rezolution.

The forums are not always bustling with activity, but they are visited frequently.  Further, the owners of the company takes great interest in their players and answers questions on a regular basis.

I give Rezolution a 5.6 out of 7.  You might be wondering the what or the how behind that rating. Well, there is a long story to it, but basically my wife created a calculator that works of some points we decided were important for a game.  I will go into that more at a later date.  the hort story is we look at

  • start up
  • support
  • gameplay
  • fluff

There are  more sub categories to each of those.  you might think a 5.6 is low.   It’s not.  I have been using it for about 5 years now and it is a harsh calculator.  Many games do not get above 3.

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