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Hawker Industries Alliance Fleet (8)Firestorm Armada: Hawker Industries Alliance Fleet (8)


$75.00 SRP


As conflict in the Storm Zone intensifies, Hawker Industries readies its famously reliable vessels for front-line service once again. From the mighty Excelsior to the hardy Endeavour, these tenacious hulls are now outfitted with new shielding technology, state-of-the-art sensor arrays and devastating weapons systems. Emerging from space-docks across the galaxy, they stand ready to remind the Zenian foe that Hawker is still a name to be feared. 




1 x Excelsior Class Battleship


3 x Resolute Class Cruisers


4 x Endeavour Class Frigates


Models unpainted and unassembled.



Works Raptor Alliance Fleet (9)Firestorm Armada: Works Raptor Alliance Fleet (9)

$75.00 SRP

The name Works Raptor has long been synonymous with arms design and manufacture. Single-minded in their pursuit of the science of war, the vessels of the Works Raptor fleet are uncompromisingly lethal. Utilizing unmatched stealth systems and powerful drive engines the Attrition Class Assault Carrier will always deliver its payload of Space Craft Wings, deadly torpedoes and elite, genetically engineered boarding marines into the enemies heart.

In turn the Interdictor Cruisers and Tyranny Corvettes sow chaos through their fleet, dissecting their prey whilst evading retaliation with ease.


1 x Attrition Class Assault Carrier

4 x Interdictor Class Torpedo Cruisers

4 x Tyranny Class Corvettes

Models unpainted and unassembled.


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