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C&C Adventure A12 The Blasted HeathC&C Adventure: A12: The Blasted Heath

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In ages past the gates of Aufstrag stood strong; for over a mile the swamp was pushed back by a great stone dike and the ground sunk to 60 feet beneath the gate creating a deep pit. Called the Ebudeth Glich, the Horned One set loose horrors unimaginable in the pit, allowing them to feed upon all who fell or were thrown from above. To cross the feeding pit a ramp rose from the causeway, reaching the Portico at the Gate House that stood as home to the Mogrl Lords. Beyond that the broad porch, a quarter mile wide played home to the many supplicants who came to Aufstrag for want of service, waiting for the Captain of the Gates to grant them entry. Over all stood the Tower of the Guard, the home to the Undying Lord himself. Beyond stood the massive doors of the fortress itself, the Arghon Den, the Maw of Darkness.

But all that has changed, the dikes failed and the Ebudeth Glich filled with the stink of the swamps. Worse a beast of foul design broke the bondage of Aufstrag and haunts the Fetid Morass that laps surrounds the ramp. The Ramp itself is scrawled with a graffiti of the mad and the gate house, though dread Mogrl are long gone, houses a nameless shadow that hungers for a taste of the world’s past. The Tower of the Guard stands still, linked to Aufstrag, by a thin span but watching over the Portico as a living thing. And the portico itself is covered in a slime that clings to those who would pass. All this leads to the great gates, and entry to Aufstrag. 

The Blasted Heath comprises a series of adventures in and around the Portico; from what lies in the Fetid Morass, to haunting of the Ramp that leads to the tall gates to the mystery of the blood stained arch. 


For 3-5 characters, levels 13 and higher.


The adventure can be used without reference to the previous adventures should the Castle Keeper desire.

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