Cosmic Patrol: The Eiger Agenda Free RPG Day 2013 QSR Available!

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Jul 022013

catalyst-logoMiss out on the chance to grab this years’ Free RPG Day Cosmic Patrol QSR? Don’t worry…here’s your chance to nab your free copy of the PDF.


Read the whole story at the Cosmic Patrol Blog


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Shadowrun 5 Official PDF & Print Preorder Release Date

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Jun 262013

On December 21st, 2012, Catalyst Game Labs announced the Year of Shadowrun, the most ambitious release of games for Shadowrun in its almost twenty-five year history. The cornerstone of the Year of Shadowrun is the release of the Fifth Edition of the tabletop roleplaying game.

Catalyst Game Labs is extremely excited to announce that onJuly 11th the PDF of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition will go on sale for$20 (available both at as well Along with Harebrained Schemes’release of Shadowrun Returns on July 25th, fans of the Sixth World will have more Shadowrun drek to leap into than you can shake a fist full of credsticks at!

Additionally, while stores have been able to pre-orderShadowrun, Fifth Edition for some time (and if you can support your local game store, please do!), that date will also see online pre-orders available for the print books, both the standard edition as well as the limited editions we’ll be offering (details surrounding the limited editions will be provided in a future post).

The print edition of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition will be available in stores come August.

We’ve been publishing a series of blog posts covering a host of topics surrounding the development of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, as well as the other games in the works, at Additionally, we’ve released five Shadowrun, Fifth Edition free preview PDF—including a brand new one today—to allow gamers a huge look at the new edition from all angles. We’ll release one more free preview PDF, covering the Matrix, in another week or two, leading up to the July 11th PDF release date!

See you then!

Check out and to learn more about all that’s happening in the Year of Shadowrun!

Any news sites interested in reviewing the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition PDF please contact

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Catalyst Game Labs is an imprint of InMediaRes Productions, LLC, which specializes in electronic publishing of professional fiction. This allows Catalyst to participate in a synergy that melds printed gaming material and fiction with all the benefits of electronic interfaces and online communities, creating a whole-package experience for any type of player or reader. Find Catalyst Game Labs online at

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Jun 252013

catalyst-logoRandall discusses his gaming history with us and shares some juicy information on some of the upcoming releases, like Sprawl Gangers, Hostile Takeover and Crossfire for Catalyst Game Labs.  I hope you enjoy what he has to say.



Visit Catalyst Game Labs to learn more about their games.

Jun 242013

catalyst-logoLoren Chats with us about an intense amount of gaming goodness.   Some highlights are the story behind his ownership of Catalyst, his induction into the Hall of fame, and future releases.  The releases include crossfire, Hostile Takeover, and Shadorun 5th ed just to name a few.

You can visit Catalyst to learn more about their products.

A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG Free RPG Day 2013 QSR Available!

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Jun 202013

BattleTech: A Time of War Quick-Start Rules (Free RPG Day 2013)Miss out on the chance to grab this years’ Free RPG Day A Time of War QSR? Don’t worry…here’s your chance to nab your free copy of the PDF.

A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG QSR Free RPG Day 2013 PDF (Download From BattleShop)

A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG QSR Free RPG Day 2013 PDF (Download From DriveThruRPG)

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The Duke

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Apr 202013

dukeThe Duke

$34.95 SRP

The Dukeis a dynamic, tile-based strategy game with an old-world, feudal theme, high-quality wooden playing pieces, and an innovative game mechanism in its double-sided tiles. Each side represents a different posture – often considered to be defensive or offensive – and demonstrates exactly what the piece can do within the turn. At the end of a move (or after the use of a special ability), the tile is flipped to its other side, displaying a new offensive or defensive posture.

Each posture conveys different options for maneuver and attack. The full circle is a standard Move, the hollow circle the Jump, the arrow provides for the Slide, the star a special Strike ability and so on. Each turn a player may select any tile to maneuver, attempting to defend his own troops while positioning himself to capture his opponent’s tiles. If you end your movement in a square occupied by an opponent’s tile, you capture that tile. Capture your opponent’s Duke to win!

Players start the game by placing their Duke in one of the two middle squares on their side of the game board. Two Footman are then placed next to the Duke. Each turn a player may choose to either move a single tile, or randomly draw a new tile from the bag. With twelve different Troop Tiles, all double-sided, and sixteen total pieces for each player, the variety of game play is limitless.

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Just Released from Catalyst Game Labs Liberation of Terra I

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May 082012

Historical: Liberation of Terra I

$ 34.99 SRP


The Beginning of the End In 2766, decades of careful planning and manipulation finally culminated when Stefan Amaris wiped out the entire Cameron dynasty in a bloody coup. Rallying the might of the SLDF behind him, General Aleksander Kerensky immediately attacked Amaris’ Rim Worlds Republic, before turning his full fury against the Usurper’s “Empire,” launching one of the greatest military campaigns in Inner Sphere history. Historical: Liberation of Terra, Volume 1 describes the early years of the civil war that would ultimately bring about the final end of the first Star League. Covering the fighting from the coup itself to the bloody campaign for the Terran Hegemony, this book provides a hard look at the closing years of the Star League Era, and the fateful decisions that would eventually pave the way for centuries of Succession Wars to come.

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