Flip Through Bastards of Golarion from Paizo Publishing

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Jun 052014

bastards of GolarionIn this Flip through Matt Takes a look at the Bastards of Golarion.  This book gives you several options to round out your half raced characters.  They have everything in here from random charts to a guide on using the half race guide.



You can learn more at Paizo.
Bastards of Golarion



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May 222014

CoBIn this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at the Champions of Balance for Pathfinder.  This book is a tool for the player of neutral Characters.  That doesn’t mean that a GM can’t use this book effectively.  It offers the GM options on creating specific storyline features for his game.






You can pick it up At Paizo .

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Mar 202014

inner    In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at some of the highlights offered by the Inner Sea NPC Codex.  The Inner sea Codes is produced by Paizo Publishing for the Pathfinder RPG.  Unlike the first NPC codex that focuses on the core classes The Inner Sea NPC Codex focuses on the flavor of certain “factions”. For example this book contains templates for The Grey Gardner and the Red Mantis Assassin.  Both of which have become an important part of the Pathfinder world.


You can visit Paizo for more details.

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Jan 012014

In this Flip Through Matt walks you through some of the cooler creatures in Pathfinder’s Bestiary 4.  He Chats a little bit on the Nosferatu, Cthulhu, Grendel, Kaiju, and the Formians.  In the process of page surfing Matt tries not to spoil things too much, but he does share a more detail than normal on some of the classic creatures in this book.

I am quite happy with the Bestiary 4.   Especially the Formians, I’m so impressed with them they have earned a  home in my very own campaign world.

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Dec 082013

Matt takes a quick look at the Mythic Realms book for the Pathfinder RPG from Paizo. It is a small book wit a lot of background  so Matt really tries to focus on giving a general overview without spoiling the contents.  What he does focus on is the flow of the book and the excellent imagery presented by Paizo.

You can learn more about the Mythic series, Mythic Origin, Mythic Adventures, and Mythic Realms at Paizo

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Nov 302013

In this Flip Through Matt examines the pages and quality of the Dropzone Commander rulebook.  This review focuses heavily on the images within in the book, especially those featuring the models and terrain.   Matt also  talks about the quality of the book.

Dropzone Commander is produced by Hawk Wargames.

Flip Through Mythic Origins for Pathfinder

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Nov 272013

In this Flip Through Matt takes you through the Mythic Origins book for Pathfinder.  This book explains how to make your character become the tales of bardic songs.  Some of the paths, include becoming a herald, a godling, or simple following an archmage path.  The book also includes new spells and new effects for currents spells cast by mythic characters.



Nov 202013

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Pathfinder Society Primer.  He spends about twice as much time as he normally would because the book was a little different than expected.  The primer is a broad overview of the Pathfinder Society (PFS).  If you think it is just a promotion to play in Paizo’s organized play you  might want to watch this video.

We hope that this has made your decision on become a pathfinder a well advised one.

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Flip Through The Ultimate Campaign for Pathfinder

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Aug 172013

Matt sat down with the Ultimate Campaign for Pathfinder. Paizo did a good job laying out this book.  It covers character background, downtime, campaign systems, and kingdoms and war.  Watch and listen as Matt shares his thoughts on the Ultimate Campaign.

Thanks for watching.  You can learn more about The ultimate Campaign you can visit Paizo.


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Jul 132013

20130710Matt takes you on a journey into the land of the Fey.  Where he tries to talk about the Fey Revisited Campaign Setting for Pathfinder with out spoiling the Contents too much.  this book covers Gremlins, Sprites, Rusalka, Murderous Redcaps, Norn  and more.  If you are a game master this is a video you might like to watch.




You can learn more about Pathfinder at Paizo.



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