Box Breaking Fate of the Forgestar

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Nov 112011

This time we have the new 2 player starter, from Mantic games, Fate of the Forge Star.


This Box set is an insane deal.  It has 170.00 worth of product for only 74.99


Here it is a little bit earlier than I thought.



In the coming days we should have a couple of Mantic Games Figure Forge episodes.

Box Breaking New Necron Models

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Nov 102011

All right Gamers, here you go our Necron Box Breaking.  In this box breaking we reveal the Necron Immortals,  Deathmarks,  Necron Triarch Praetorians, Lychguard, Necron Ghost Ark, Doomsday Arc, Necron Catacomb Command Barge, and the Annihilation Barge.   Holy cows!  That is a lot of material.



Check back soon for Figure Forge Building the Necron Catacomb barge/ Anihillation Barge with rare earth magnets (in at least 2 parts).  That’s right one model two vehicles.


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Nov 072011

In the Box breaking we delve into the 2 player Blitz starter for Heavy Gear from Dreampod 9.


Thanks for watching, and come back soon for more news and videos.

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Nov 022011

Box Breaking: Heavy Gear

2 Player Starter


In this box breaking we begin our journey into Heavy Gear.  A game world where metal might be the only thing between you and a bullet.




This box set is quite the deal at 67.00

It includes

2 gear kits that retail for about 50.00 and the rules are 45.00.

Check back soon for more Heavy Gear carnage.


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