Box Breaking: Pathfinder Beginner Box

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Nov 152011

All right in this Box Breaking we have the Beginner Box set for Pathfinder from Paizo Publishing.  If you are thinking about playing Pathfinder RPG this might just be the thing you need to watch.


I ahve waited to delve into Pathfinder RPG for oh about a year.  This box set will give me that opportunity.

If you check back in a day or so we will have a character creation video using this box set.

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Nov 142011

Hey Gamers,


We are back with another Box Breaking.   This time we take a look at the award winning game You’ve Been Sentenced.   This video not only explores the game contents, but it includes a brief look at game play.


In the near future we have plans of

  • a more in depth demonstration
  • how teachers can use this game in the classroom
  • a review

Thanks for watching.

Box Breaking Wizard and Fantasy Wizard

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Nov 132011

Wizard and  Fantasy Wizard are the ultimate games of trump.  If you like Pinocle this might just be your next card game.  This video gives you a product overview.


In a few days we should have a game demo up for you to see.

Two things to note.  One in Fantasy Wizard, we mention the Joker.  It should be the Jester and it is important.   Also I can’t type The games are from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  It might take me a day or so to figure out how to edit it.  Sorry about the mistakes.


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Box Breaking Fate of the Forgestar

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Nov 112011

This time we have the new 2 player starter, from Mantic games, Fate of the Forge Star.


This Box set is an insane deal.  It has 170.00 worth of product for only 74.99


Here it is a little bit earlier than I thought.



In the coming days we should have a couple of Mantic Games Figure Forge episodes.