May 102014


13th Age Bestiary: Hatchling Edition (Hardcover)

$39.95 SRP


Unleash the monsters in the 13th Age Bestiary on your players for a battle they’ll never forget.  The 13th Age Bestiary introduces all-new creatures for the 13th Age roleplaying game, plus surprising takes on some of your favorite monsters. It includes the fun and flexible mechanics you expect from 13th Age – and it makes every monster an adventure in its own right, with story hooks, icon relationships, customizable campaign elements and more advice on building exciting battles.


In this 220-page book are:

-The macabre lich aristocrats of the Undying Peerage.

-The shadow dragon, which baits greedy adventurers with cursed treasure.

-The twygzogs, a genuinely weird new player character race of fungaloids.

-The intellect devourer, which can slip undetected into the party after eating someone’s brain…and be transformed by the experience to join the side of the heroes.

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