Jan 242018

LYON, FRANCE (January 22, 2018) – Game On Tabletop, the crowdfunding platform by gamers for gamers, and Guillaume Tavernier, creator of TAHALA, today launch the crowdfunding campaign for The Seigneury of Borth Roleplaying Game. The Seigneury of Borth is Tavernier’s second project with Game On Tabletop and the first in to be published in both English and French. The campaign is now live on Game On Tabletop.

Away from the commercial main roads, the little barony of Borth knew how to keep her authenticity and her rural charm. Decorated with cultivated fields and large grassy meadows, the region seems outside of time and out of the power strugglers of the kingdom. But under her surface, merchants enjoy the benefit of being away from watchful eyes of legislation and authority.

The Seigneury of Borth artwork really drives the play of the game and lends itself nicely to the card format,” says Guillaume Tavernier, Borth’s creator. “Gamers will have fun immersing themselves in familiar fantasy environs using our innovative cards for a new game play experience.”

Tavernier continues, “Game On Tabletop’s dedication to tabletop gaming is part of TAHALA’s success story and we’re looking forward to bringing our new RPG to life through the community.”

The Seigneury of Borth is an adventure setting for any medieval fantasy roleplaying game, presented in the unique format of giant placards. Players will need to inspect the cards carefully, paying attention to the smallest details for clues to access the passages, undergrounds, NPC secrets and more. The cards will come together to create a cohesive RPG setting of intrigue and adventure.

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