Jun 242015

Victory Point Games launches Kickstarter for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition

New characters and heart-stopping mechanics brings old favorite back from the dead.


Costa Mesa, CA – June 18, 2015


Dawn of the Zeds is our most popular States of Siege™ series game by designer Hermann Luttmann that puts you in the role of heroes saving the city of Farmingdale from marauding zombie hordes (“Zeds”).




One to four players choose from the game’s 13 unique heroes and must survive the undead mobs rushing the city. The players use their hero’s special abilities to help (re)kill Zeds, heal and train civilians, and bolster your defenses as your story unfolds over the course of the game.

Improving upon the second edition, the game has been streamlined for greater player accessibility, and includes updated components and art, co-operative and solo modes, and new characters to defend the town.



  • Asymmetrical play with 13 heroes with unique sets of abilities
  • Accessible programmed instructions with 6 levels of gameplay scenarios
  • Incredibly intense, cinematic solitaire and 2-4 player co-op gameplay
  • Card driven events that push the narrative forward


Component List

  • 150 Poker-sized cards
  • 18 Tarot-sized character cards
  • 4 Counter sheets
  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 4 Double-sided player aids
  • 1 Game mat
  • The Basic Game Rulebook
  • The Level Up! Rulebook
  • The A to Zeds Book (Comprehensive Rules)
  • The Farmingdale Dossier
  • The Setup and Epilogue Book


The base reward tier price to get the game is set at $65 for the game with early bird reward tiers set at $55 for the first 50 backers, $60 for the next 50 backers.


The game is being brought to Kickstarter to upgrade the component quality of the game, with the cards, mats, counters, rule books and box being printed out of house with a professional printer. “The reason you want to fund Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition is to help the Little Game Company That Could sit at the adult’s table this Thanksgiving,” said Alan Emrich, President of Victory Point Games, “We want to be right there with the big distributors, the big retailers, and Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition, our second best selling game behind Darkest Night, will get us to that table with your help.”


About Victory Point Games


Most great game ideas begin with an impassioned gamer thinking about a game and saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” Victory Point Games came about in much the same way. Working with aspiring and veteran designers, combined with a print on demand model, Victory Point Games takes on cutting edge game ideas that no one else dares to even look at.


Today, Victory Point Games has grown into a full-fledged team of talented game developers. Each of us brings our own thoughts and hard work to the table, producing a company that is among the most diligent, tight-knit, and unashamedly quirky in the board game industry. Working with gamers, for gamers, and as gamers ourselves, we couldn’t ask for a better way to be spending our time. We firmly believe that it is the people you get to work with that makes the game industry so great.

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