Feb 172015


Below is the announcement for this incredible news  My family is stoked about this game and we ae already setting funds aside to be a part of this.  We will be following this topic closely and will bring you news as fast as we can.


Spartan Games, UK, announced today that it has entered into a License Agreement with Microsoft Corporation to design and produce tabletop miniatures games for “Halo®”, the global entertainment phenomenon. The first products will be on sale around the world through Spartan Games’ sales and distribution channels in 2015.


CovenantThe award winning “Halo” franchise was first seen on the Xbox in 2001, but has since transcended video games to build a worldwide fan base of millions and inspired best-selling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more. Now exciting tabletop miniatures games can be added to the list.

Neil Fawcett, Creative Director, Spartan Games said “Our design team are huge fans of ‘Halo’ and this opportunity is the icing on the cake for them. After six years of successfully creating our own games and models, we can now work with Microsoft to bring epic ‘Halo’ spaceship battles to gaming tables around the world. And if that’s not enough, we’re making fast and furious ground combat games as well. Hard to tell what is more exciting: invading Reach with our Covenant Fleet or assaulting ground defences with Spartans and UNSC Marines?”

ABOUT Spartan Games – started in 2008 in Somerset, UK-based Spartan Games entered the tabletop gaming market with its fantasy navel combat game, Uncharted Seas. This was soon followed by Firestorm Armada, an exhilarating space combat game featuring highly detailed spaceship models. Next came Dystopian Wars, an exciting journey in a world of Victorian super science fiction, a world encompassing navel combat, ground warfare and aerial combat. Dystopian Legions was released and brought an action packed miniatures game to the hugely popular Dystopian world. The Spartan Scenics range provides a stunning range of scenery to maximise everyone’s gaming experience. Most recently, Firestorm Planetfall delivered a fast-paced game of planetary conquest to the Firestorm Galaxy. Running throughout all product lines is the promise of fast, fun games and a commitment to detailed, high quality models.

More information at www.spartangames.co.uk and from:

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