Jul 182013

The Anime Pitch Party Game

$25.00 SRP

Channel A is a party game for both anime fans, and those that enjoy poking fun at anime and anime fans (so, everyone!). A pair of premise cards is put on the table, and all the players must craft an anime series pitch based on that theme! However, they can only design a title out of a random set of ten word cards in their hand. Will Love Ninja Z rule the day? Or will Battle Fight Battler EX be the new fan favorite?

After the titles are crafted, the players vote on who had the best premise and thirty-second pitch delivery. Because of the laughter that results, and the energy involved in pitching series, Channel A is an extremely easy game to demo, and attracts a crowd.

The game contains over three hundred extremely high quality durable cards, between the Premise cards and the Title cards.

3+ players

Ages 14+

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