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Feb 272017

Tak: A Beautiful Game Now Available

Combined forces of James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss  bring Tak to life


Seattle, WA—February 22, 2016. Tak: A Beautiful Game is now available in friendly local game stores worldwide and online via  The Tinker’s Packs, an online store benefitting Worldbuilders.

Described by Patrick Rothfuss as “a beautiful game” in his bestselling novel The Wise Man’s Fear (Book Two of the Kingkiller Chronicle), Tak has been made reality be renowned game designer James Ernest. An elegant two-player abstract strategy masterpiece, Tak feels like an old classic reminiscent of mancala or Go.

Thanks to a legion of Kingkiller Chronicle and Tak fans, players can try Tak for free at fan-made site They can also explore organized play opportunities via the US Tak Association (USTA). The USTA’s goal is to share and promote the game of Tak and support fair and competitive play by establishing a comprehensive set of rules and standards that can be used for tournaments and other events.

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