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Hey again,  welcome to Revising Standard.   In this set of articles we will always discuss the impact of the most recent set.   The goal is to make this a living document that changes as the format matures.  I will attempt to update each article by using the comments section of the blog.

The first installment of Revising Standard will discuss some of the impact Innistrad has on Magic the Gatherings standard or T2 format.   More specifically we will start discussing how white is being influenced or becoming an influence.

White has long since been known for its one and two drop creatures.  It also has a history of having one or two good reset buttons at any given time.   White is often splashed or used as a support color.  In fact blue and white have become a tradition among the deck archetypes of our day.


Magic the Gatherings’ Inninstrad expansion does a lot to support whites history.   It brings us several excellent one and two drop creatures (Champion of the Parish, mentor of  the Meek, Elite Inquisitor) making White Weenie a viable option again. Here is the first White Weenie deck I intend on trying out – it does have a human theme to it.


4 Elite Vanguard

4 Champion of the Parish

4 Leonin Skyhunter

4 Chapel Geist

4 Mirran Crusader

24 creatures

3 Honor the Pure

3 Dismember

2 Obliviion Ring

2 Sword War and Peace

1 White Sun’s Zenith

23 Plains

Side Board

1 Dismember

3 Celestial Purge

3 Revoke existence

3 Torpor Orb

2 Day of Judgement

2 Sword Feast and Famine

2 Oblivion Ring



Looking at my deck there are already at least two cards I think I would like in the deck.  They are Fiend hunter and Spectral Rider. Both are solid cards.  Fiend Hunter is a 1/3 for three.  he didn’t make my cut because he lacks the power I wanted in that slot.   He might replace something next week though. I am really liking the idea of exiling 4 more creatures.   The Rider is a solid two drop with evasion.   With the swords that can make him a serious threat that must be dealt with quickly.   he didn’t make the cut because he is not human,  and this deck lives for others of its kind.


White has some cards that are easily splashed like Rebuke, Purify the Grave, and Smite the Monstrous.  Purify the Grave is great in this environment.   I like Rebuke a lot.  I believe it will see play in some multicolored decks.  I am looking for it in decks that can’t afford to pay the 4 life in Dismembers casting cost.  Smite the monstrous has some potential but I don’t think it will compete with Dismember.   It can easily be splashed into any color for those of you that can’t afford or can’t find those better removal spells.


Some other very notable cards in white that I believe will impact standard are, Geist-Honored Monk, Doomed traveler, and Geist of Saint Traft.  Each one of them has a certain amount of card quality that they bring to the table.  I will be including them in some of my deck ideas later in the week so check back then and see what I have to say.







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