Nov 242012

Panic On Wall Street

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 39.99

Panic on Wall Street players are divided into Managers and Investors. Managers offer for sale shares of societies they are in charge of for as much as possible. Investors attempt to acquire them for as little as possible in order to get the best return possible. After two minutes of negotiation, a roll of the dice brings (sometimes drastic) changes to the economy, with major consequences for the balance sheet of each player. After five rounds of play (5 months), the manager and the investor who have accumulated the most money are each declared victors, the undisputed Masters of Commerce.

Here we go again Asmodee Editions gives you a chance to play as a Pro in the field of the stock market without any real money lose now play against your friend and see if you can make more money then them to gain those bragging rights.


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