Feb 122018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESt. Louis – February 7, 2018 – Greater Than Games today announced its collaboration with celebrated game design studio Underbite Games, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to develop Sentinels of Freedom.

Sentinels of Freedom is a turn-based digital tactical game inspired by the upcoming Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game, designed by Critical Hits studio in conjunction with Christopher Badell of Greater Than Games.

Prepare for a story-driven campaign (featuring writing from Sentinel Comics creator Christopher Badell and artist Adam Rebottaro) within the Sentinel Comics universe as you join forces with an ever-growing team of heroes to face a wide variety of villains. What seems like a typical bank heist reveals itself to be just the tip of a much more sinister plan! Create your hero, lead your team, and save the world!

Customize your Hero!
Choose the characters backstory, personality, power source, and archetype – each heavily impacting your final character. Heroes have “stances” that provide boosts to certain stats like enhanced dodging or even flight, along with powerful sets of abilities and can be fully customized to fit your playstyle.

Game Mechanics
Swapping stances between rounds allow you to prepare for upcoming challenges. As the game progresses, more abilities and stances will be unlocked. Heroes have special support actions and enemies can create formidable squads with even more powerful attacks and dynamic combos. The Vigilance and Support systems allow characters to react despite not being their turn. This could lead to hero trying to stay in cover or counter-attacking when an active enemy moves or performs an action.

What kind of hero will you be?

Key Features:

Create your Hero – choose backstory, archetype, powers, and appearance
Build your Team – select from the many available heroes and unlock more throughout
Character Personalities – heroes will have likes, dislikes, and preferences which influence the mission
Full story campaign – writers and creators from Sentinel Comics
Freeform movement – Turn-Based game that allows you to move anywhere
Squad dynamics – heroes or villains can work together for more powerful actions
Living Environments – multiple objectives, interactions and dangers
Learning AI – enemies will start to adjust to current tactics and also make long-term changes to strategy

Sentinels of Freedom will launch on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter Tuesday, April 3, 2018. The initial release is slated for Windows® and Mac OS®. Console releases will be announced at a later date.

Development Team

Cory Heald
Owner, Project Manager, Art and Design Support
Cory Heald has been working in the creative industry for over 20 years working with a variety of companies. Cory has done everything including 3D Modeling, UI\UX, animation, and game design. This wide range of experiences allows Cory to bring something new and exciting to all Underbite projects.

Levi Schneidewind
Lead Developer
Levi brings an incredible level of passion to game development. Leaving the office usually means just taking a break so he can continue his current tasks into the night. Beyond just working hard, Levi always looks for what “should be done” instead of “just getting it done”. With three titles under his belt and his awesome work ethics, Levi makes projects successful.

David Fritter
David has a humble and heads-down approach when developing and is constantly seeking new ways to improve projects at Underbite. David’s extensive background allows him to masterfully integrate different systems throughout the project.

Brian Olmstead
Lead Artist
Years of experience working on a huge variety of projects allow Brian to create fantastic art then develop a process others can use to reproduce the techniques. Brian is a workhorse from the start of the day till then end, headphones on and hunched over his Cintiq display.

Gab Schwall
One of our most versatile artists, Gab offers amazing art and a critical eye to concept art, UI\UX, and 3D modeling capabilities at Underbite.

Kevin Young
Speed and Quality define Kevin’s work.  Once a process is in place, he can crush deadlines while delivering spectacular results.

Cris Miles
Lead Designer\Technical Artist
From designing characters to combat mechanics, Cris excels at making the game not only work but making it unique. Everything Cris designs have a purpose and great thought behind why and how it should function. He brings a critical eye to every Underbite project.

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