Reign of Winter 6: Witch Queens Revenge

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Jun 302013

Reign of Winter 6- Witch Queens Revenge$22.99 SRP


Baba Yaga has been rescued from the clutches of her son Rasputin, but the Queen of Witches remains trapped inside a magical matryoshka doll. Delving into hidden chambers deep within the Dancing Hut, the heroes must open the nesting dolls imprisoning Baba Yaga, but they also must contend with the hut’s most dedicated guardians, including the former queens of Irrisen. The campaign reaches its climax when the heroes finally face Queen Elvanna, fourteenth daughter of Baba Yaga, inside the Dancing Hut’s innermost sanctum. Will the heroes defeat Elvanna and finally free Baba Yaga, or will their failure plunge Golarion into a new ice age ruled by the Witch Queen of Irrisen?


“The Witch Queen’s Revenge” is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 15th-level characters. This volume concludes the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, in which players fight off a magical winter by venturing into the fabled hut of the ancient witch Baba Yaga and trace her schemes across the worlds. This volume also includes a look at the history and secrets of Baba Yaga (including her stat block as a mythic spellcaster), several new monsters, and the conclusion of Kevin Andrew Murphy’s thrilling Pathfinder Journal novella.

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Pathfinder Society Primer

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Jun 292013

Pathfinder Society Primer

$12.99 SRP

Whether drawn to ancient crypts in search of treasure, long-lost secrets, or the potential for fame, countless adventurers hope to someday join the illustrious Pathfinder Society, a loose organization of scholars, explorers, and thrill-seekers that searches the globe in search of wonders.


This player-focused guide to the organization provides both neophyte Pathfinders and seasoned veterans with the tools of the trade-the wealth of knowledge of past Pathfinders and access to the mysteries safeguarded in the vaults of the Grand Lodge of Absalom. It includes new equipment to aid you in high adventure and exploration, including new wayfinders and ioun stones, and both magical and mundane volumes of the legendary Pathfinder Chronicles.


Packed to the brim with new spells, feats, traits, vanities, and more, Pathfinder Player Compaion: Pathfinder Society Primer is a must-have for the more than 35,000 players in Paizo’s worldwide Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign as well as Pathfinder RPG players looking to add the organization to their own home campaigns!

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The Worldwound

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Jun 282013

The Worldwound$19.99 SRP


A century ago, the nation of Sarkoris was murdered. Today, the fallen nation is a horrific, post-apocalyptic nightmare cloven by a vast canyon that connects Golarion to the demon-haunted reaches of the Abyss. This rift is known as the Worldwound, and through it the demonic hordes pour forth, set on defiling the world of mortals and claiming it for their own. Though the demons have so far been held back at the borders by barbarians and crusaders alike, the region that was once Sarkoris remains a fiendish beachhead on the mortal realm. Worse, the Worldwound itself is slowly growing-and if something isn’t done to halt this blight, the demons it spawns might one day swallow all of Golarion!


Inside this book, you’ll find:


-Ruined cities, such as the shattered capital city of Iz, the frozen city of Dyinglight, and the river city of Undarin.

-An exhaustive examination of the strange and otherworldly hazards of this demon-ruled region.

-Key historical sites such as the Circle of the Hierophants, the Shroud of Unicorns, and Threshold, the fortress where the Abyssal portal first opened.

-Adventure sites ready for exploration, as well as locations like the holdout town of Gundrun, a safe harbor in a deadly land.

-More than a dozen new monsters, including several new demons and two new monster templates, ensuring PCs will never lack for foes in this devastated realm!

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The Dragon’s Demand Campaign

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Jun 272013

PF Cards The Dragon’s Demand CampaignThe Dragon’s Demand Campaign

$10.99 SRP


Get the most out of The Dragon’s Demand, the deluxe Pathfinder Module from Paizo Publishing! With a selection of Item Cards to help players track important treasure and Face Cards to aid in the depiction of NPCs, the new Campaign Deck format also introduces Quest Cards, summaries of key adventure goals that keep players on track to getting the most out of their adventuring experience.


With beautiful illustrations on every card and direct tie-ins to The Dragon’s Demand Pathfinder Module, this useful 54-card deck is the greatest of the dragon’s many wonderful treasures.

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Shadowrun 5 Official PDF & Print Preorder Release Date

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Jun 262013

On December 21st, 2012, Catalyst Game Labs announced the Year of Shadowrun, the most ambitious release of games for Shadowrun in its almost twenty-five year history. The cornerstone of the Year of Shadowrun is the release of the Fifth Edition of the tabletop roleplaying game.

Catalyst Game Labs is extremely excited to announce that onJuly 11th the PDF of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition will go on sale for$20 (available both at as well Along with Harebrained Schemes’release of Shadowrun Returns on July 25th, fans of the Sixth World will have more Shadowrun drek to leap into than you can shake a fist full of credsticks at!

Additionally, while stores have been able to pre-orderShadowrun, Fifth Edition for some time (and if you can support your local game store, please do!), that date will also see online pre-orders available for the print books, both the standard edition as well as the limited editions we’ll be offering (details surrounding the limited editions will be provided in a future post).

The print edition of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition will be available in stores come August.

We’ve been publishing a series of blog posts covering a host of topics surrounding the development of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, as well as the other games in the works, at Additionally, we’ve released five Shadowrun, Fifth Edition free preview PDF—including a brand new one today—to allow gamers a huge look at the new edition from all angles. We’ll release one more free preview PDF, covering the Matrix, in another week or two, leading up to the July 11th PDF release date!

See you then!

Check out and to learn more about all that’s happening in the Year of Shadowrun!

Any news sites interested in reviewing the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition PDF please contact

Catalyst Game Labs?
Catalyst Game Labs is dedicated to producing high-quality games and fiction that mesh sophisticated game mechanics with dynamic universes, all presented in a form that allows beginning players and long-time veterans to easily jump into our games, while helping fiction readers enjoy our stories even if they don’t know the games.

Catalyst Game Labs is an imprint of InMediaRes Productions, LLC, which specializes in electronic publishing of professional fiction. This allows Catalyst to participate in a synergy that melds printed gaming material and fiction with all the benefits of electronic interfaces and online communities, creating a whole-package experience for any type of player or reader. Find Catalyst Game Labs online at

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Jun 252013

catalyst-logoRandall discusses his gaming history with us and shares some juicy information on some of the upcoming releases, like Sprawl Gangers, Hostile Takeover and Crossfire for Catalyst Game Labs.  I hope you enjoy what he has to say.



Visit Catalyst Game Labs to learn more about their games.

The Lost Dutchman from Game Salute

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Jun 252013

lost dutchThe Lost Dutchman

$40.00 SRP


Over a hundred years of legend awaits you and your skills as you vie to be the lucky prospector to hike out of the Superstition Mountains with The Lost Dutchman’s Gold. However, this expedition for lost gold isn’t for the faint of heart. You will face grizzly creatures and dastardly disasters around every corner and even the ghost of The Lost Dutchman himself while contending with your opponent’s thirst for gold that grows with every nugget uncovered.


In this treacherous treasure adventure, prospectors must balance their skills to take on fierce creatures and dangerous disasters with their search of gold. Will you find the most treasure by prospecting or will the map lead you to victory? No one path guarantees victory but with the right amount of skill and a little bit of luck you can be the first prospector to uncover the famed Lost Dutchman’s Gold!

Are you up to the challenge of uncovering the legendary gold of the Lost Dutchman?


The Lost Dutchman is a treasure mining game for 2-5 players in which players are competing to mine as much of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold as they can before the water supply runs short bringing the hunt for treasure to a parching halt. Players can also win by successfully navigating the Community Treasure Map and finding the ever illusive Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.


2-5 players

Ages: 13+

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FluxX: The Board Game Arriving in July

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Jun 252013

board fluxxFluxx: The Board Game

$29.99 SRP


Fluxx: The Board Game is all about change: changing rules, changing goals and now changing tiles. Occupy the right spaces to claim the current goal and reveal the next goal… getting you one step closer to victory! Based on the hit card game.

Jun 242013

catalyst-logoLoren Chats with us about an intense amount of gaming goodness.   Some highlights are the story behind his ownership of Catalyst, his induction into the Hall of fame, and future releases.  The releases include crossfire, Hostile Takeover, and Shadorun 5th ed just to name a few.

You can visit Catalyst to learn more about their products.

Jun 242013

Mage WarsAt Origins 2013 we sat down and chatted with Patrick Connor from Arcane Wonders about Mage Wars.   Patrick brings us up to date Mage Wars by sharing information about the Conquest of Kumanjaro.  We even geat a greater treat when he spills information on the Druid and Necromancer coming up in the next expansion.  He also discusses the Ambassador Program.

You can learn more about Mage Wars at and follow them on facebook.

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