Sep 302017


Arcane Wonders partners with Rooster Teeth to bring you RWBY: Combat Ready!
We announced earlier this week that Arcane Wonders is partnering with Rooster Teeth to make RWBY Combat Ready, a board game centered on RWBY, Rooster Teeth’s award-winning anime series!


We are incredibly excited about this project, and wanted to invite you all to join us in the adventure we’re having right now. RWBY Combat ready is currently LIVE on Kickstarter, and is very close to funding. We have a ton of great events planned over the next few weeks, and hope you will join us in the fun!

rwbypicHow-to-Play with RWBY!

Join CEO of Arcane Wonders Bryan Pope as he teaches Miles, Lindsay, Chelsea, and Gray how to play RWBY: Combat Ready. Click here to check out the video!


Man vs Meeple Interview

Sit down with Jeremy Salinas, and David Waybright and Tony Gullotti to learn about Arcane Wonders’ exciting new project with Rooster Teeth –a board game based on the hit anime series RWBY. Click here to watch the interview!rwby pic 1

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