Rising Dawn battle Pack from FFG

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Dec 092011

The rising sun turns red a hundred thousand spearpoints. Its rays burnish the armour of commanders hungry for conflict. And yet Man does not stand alone in his war against the darkness. The proud warhosts of the elder races stride out from their ancient realms, resplendent and majestic. Each warrior is the equal of a dozen lesser mortals, and yet none expect to see the dawn.
–Warhammer, “War Unending”

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Rising Dawn, the first Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

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Dec 092011

This is a 2 player, scenario based board game, with one player taking control of the Dwarfs, while the other commands the Undead. There are 6 scenarios to play through, each build upon each other, culminating in a huge, desperate battle which will ultimately decide who controls the King’s Hold.


We have not played this yet.  I would love to get my hands on a copy and do a review for all of you, because I have only heard good things about Dwarf King’s Hold.   That is not something that can,t be said very often.  Here is a link to the product information on Mantic Games Website Dwarf Kings Hold.

Figure Forge Skaven Screaming Bell

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Dec 092011

In this episode of Figure Forge Matt assembles the Skaven Screaming Bell.  He also shows you what he believes is the best method to swap out the Plague furnace portion of the assembly.



I had fun with this model.  If you see any pitfalls I could have avoided please post it below.   Feel Free to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

WoW: Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens Epic Collection

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Dec 082011

Contains: 1 Reusable storage box, 10 Card dividers to be used with your storage box , 1 Crown of the Heavens playmat, 1 Crown of the Heavens Deck Box, 6 Crown of the Heavens Booster Packs, 1 Crown of the Heavens visual pocket guide, 5 Random Foil Heroes from Crown of the Heavens, 1 Common Loot Card

Wow: Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens Booster Deck

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Dec 082011

Crown of the Heavens is the second release in the Aftermath block and introduces new playable Monster hero races and classes! Demons, Dryads and Ogres are the featured Monster races in Crown of the Heavens. Look for new exciting powers for each of the featured Monster races and of course brand new Murlocs (including an epic Murloc)!


Card set total 218 (64C, 60U, 24H, 60R, 10E) • 16 Cards per pack, includes 15 game cards (10 C, 4 U, 1 R or E) and 1 hero or crafting/token card (Loot™ cards randomly inserted—replaces hero/crafting/token) • 3 Different Loot cards (1U, 1R, 1E) • 36 Packs per display



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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Samurai Assault

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Dec 082011

The Six Samurai Attack! Start building your very own Six Samurai Deck with Samurai Assault! The Six Samurai are one of the most powerful Decks in years, and the booster packs that introduced them are available again for a limited time! Players can combine the Samurai cards from Samurai Assault with more Six Samurai cards available in Extreme Victory booster packs and in the Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega-Packs. Each box of Samurai Assault contains one pack each of Strike of Neos, Crimson Crisis, and Storm of Ragnarok, plus one Super Rare Elder of the Six Samurai.

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WizKids Releases Mage Knight Board Game

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Dec 072011

Designed by Vlaada Chvatil, designer of Dungeon Lords, Through the Ages, and Galaxy Trucker, the Mage Knight Board Game throws you and up to three other Mage Knights into the sprawling and ever-changing world of the Atlantean Empire, a land that is but a distant memory since your transformation into a mysterious Mage Knight. Build your armies, defeat bands of marauding enemies, and eventually conquer cities in the name of the mysterious Void Council. As a Mage Knight you must control your reputation and walk the line – or embrace the role of benevolent leader or brutal dictator. Accumulate Fame and experience to acquire powerful Spells and abilities, then use your power to influence units to join your ranks.

Featuring a variety of campaign options allowing you to play both competitively or cooperatively, the Mage Knight Board Game comes complete with 240 cards, eight intricately painted miniatures, 196 tokens, 20 map tiles, 54 mana crystals, seven mana dice, two game mats, and two rulebooks..

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Warmachine Battle Mechanik

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Dec 072011

Privateer announces the Battle Mechanik for Khador.  This is a battle hardened infantry repair unit.  They sound tough.




















We will grt you more info when possible.

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Dec 062011

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read Matt’s article  first.  (Things might make a little more  sense that way, but I don’t guarantee that they will.)

Yes, while at Con on the Cob I spent a bit of time getting  to know the Silvervine game system, its creators, and many of the players.  I was amazed by the diversity of players –  all ages, genders, personalities, and gaming experience were well represented.  I was intrigued by the concept – the openness  of the system, the fantasy-steampunk setting, and the clear presentation of the  core principles of the system.  The  enthusiasm of the creators is infectious – they truly love gaming, and I am  continually amazed by the amount of work that has gone into their  products.  In short, Silvervine was my  torrid affair of Con on the Cob. Continue reading »

Dec 052011

For those of you that don’t know what Silvervines Game System is you can visit their website here. For those of you that don’t want to leave (thank you) Silvervine is basically a RPG that incorporates thematic character creation with a cinematic narrative of almost dice-less roleplaying.  At least that is the best one sentence description of he game that I can come up with.

Moving on, in the not so distant past Ryan and I had the opportunity to interview the gang from Silvervine.  When I say gang I mean the creator’s and designers of the game.  If you like what you hear here I am sure you will meet them all.  At that point in time I was a little bit lost about what the system had to offer.  In fact I thought it was probably a bogus system.  The stories they told us in the interview were just too ridiculous for this game to work.  I mean how can anybody (not on acid) play a sandwich?  That’s right somebody created a sandwich as their character.  But, Ryan wasn’t as preoccupied as I was at Con on the Cob – he gave them far more time than I did.  In fact he was sold on the game.  I was leery, very leery. Continue reading »