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Heavy Gear


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The two player starter kit has both the core Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded rulebook and the new Field Manual rules supplement along with six Heavy Gear miniatures with a variety of weapon upgrade options. Enjoy classic Blitz! play and the rich history of the Heavy Gear universe in the Locked & Loaded rulebook. Also included in the core rulebook are complete army lists for four of the core factions in the game as well as rules for running campaign and objective based games.

The Two Plater Starter Kit includes:

  • Core Rulebook [small B&W]
  • Field Manual [small B&W]
  • 4x Dice [D6]
  • Tape Measure
  • 6x Miniatures and Extra Weapons
    • 1x Headhunter
    • 2x Hunters
    • 1x Command Jäger
    • 2x Jägers
    • 6x Light Autocannons
    • 6x Vibroblades
    • 6x Light Rocket Packs
    • 2x Medium Autocannons
    • 1x Snub Cannon
    • 1x Light Bazooka