Cyclades: Hades from Asmodee Editions

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Dec 122011

Cyclades: Hades

$ 44.99 SRP

The Cyclades are currently at peace, but the sound of furious battles still echoes in our memories. Is this a long lasting peace or nothing but a short truce? There are whispers that Hades will soon return, bringing his undead phalanxes and ghost ships… Every city-state will need to demonstrate their skills at recruiting powerful heroes and gaining the favors of all the gods of Olympus, even terrifying Hades, to extend its supremacy over his opponents.This box contains several modules which can be incorporated one by one into the basic game, according to the desires and experience levels of the players. The game box contains 22 tiles (1 Hades tile, 1 Necropolis building ship, 4 Theater building ships, 8 Prosperity Markers, 8 Divine Favors Tiles), 30 cards (6 heroes, 10 magic items, 5 mythological creatures, 9 priestesses), 17 figurines (5 undead troops, 5 undead fleet, 6 hero figurines, 1 Cerberus figurine), and a rulebook.



Bonbons from Asmodee Games

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Dec 122011


$ 20.00 SRP


Candies, who wants candies? Well everybody, of course! But, you’ll need quite a bit of memory and some luck to snatch away the beloved candies before your opponents do. A cute little memory game but still tricky enough. “Bonbons” is a game for gourmets from Marc André, sweetly illustrated by Mathieu Leyssenne.

Tschak! From Asmodee Editions

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Dec 122011


$ 24.99 SRP


Four successive dungeons, three levels each, and as many treasures guarded by various creatures. To explore all this, you will have to manage your adventurers as skillfully as possible, while keeping an eye on your opponents who want as much as you to get all the treasures and no monsters. Round after round, the cards travel from player to player, so that everybody gets to play with the same hands of cards. No luck involved? Nah, actually there is some!

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RPG Book Review: Grimtooth’s Traps

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Dec 122011


Paul Ryan O’Connor, ed.
Steven S. Crompton, illus.
Flying Buffalo Inc., pub.
First Printing 1981
Digitally Remastered 2011
55 pages
Ryan’s Rating: 17 out of 20
MSRP 14.95

The Review

I’ve been into D&D 4th Edition for a while now, and while I have been thoroughly enjoying it, one thing that seems to be lacking are traps.  D&D4e is great at tactical combat, but players can become a bit overconfident as they gain levels.  Other systems (notably my favorites: Rifts and Silvervine) seem to have no traps at all! (at least, none detailed and statted out in their publications).

So, if you’re a DM, but you aren’t an incredibly inventive trap-maker, or if your group is getting a little cocky and you want to instill some paranoia, then Grimtooth’s Traps is for you! Continue reading »

The Race is On! Tempo in Magic the Gathering

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Dec 122011
Magic: The Gathering card back

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Tempo in Magic the Gathering is what two or more players enter in while attempting to gain control of the game. It is a race that revolves around who can play better cards or more cards faster. Basically it is a race about gaining the upper hand. In other words the player who is winning the race usually sets the tempo of the game. The reality of it though is the tempo of a game can be one sided, balanced, or up and down like a roller coaster.

Continue reading »

Resident Evil Deck Building Game: Nightmare

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Dec 122011

In Resident Evil, a deadly virus has caused the dead to rise and infect any living thing they encounter! Fleeing to a mysterious mansion, you must gather any materials you can find to protect yourself and fight for your survival against a legion of infected beings! How will you survive the zombie outbreak?

Playable with both the core Resident Evil Deck Building Game and Resident Evil: Alliance, the 150-card Nightmare expansion set introduces new cards such as Luis Sera, Sergei Vladimir, and Mine Thrower designed to help add to the excitement of the four existing Modes of play: Story, Vs., Mercenary, and Outbreak. However, the nightmare is only beginning when the Infected Osmund Saddler makes his appearance!

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Carcassonne Celebrates its Ten Year Anniversary From Rio Grande

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Dec 122011

The 2001 recipient of the Spiel des Jahres award for gaming excellence, Rio Grande’s Carcassonne is a clever, tile-based boardgame set in the southern French city of Carcassonne, famous for its unique Roman and Medieval fortifications. Players develop the area around the city, deploying their followers on the roads, in the cities, in the cloisters, and in the fields to build prestige, power, and dominance in their quest to claim victory!

Klaus-Jurgen Wrede’s genre-defining Carcassonne will celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year! To mark the occasion, Hans im Gluck, the original publisher of the Spiel des Jahres-winner, introduces Carcassonne: Jubilaumsedition, a 10th Anniversary Edition of the game which includes all the contents of the original game, plus ten new land tiles and colored translucent meeples, all packaged in a blue, meeple-shaped storage case.

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Need Gamers New blog

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Dec 102011

Need Gamers   Is a brand new blog.  The game at Need Gamers is trying to build a community where  gamers can easily find local groups to play with.   Why do I like the their approach.   Well, it is pretty simple they are creating an online data base that you can search.   I like that because you can be out of town and find a game.


It is really brand new so they are still working through things, but I anticipate a promising future.

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Limited run Titan Dragon available from CMoN (cool Mini or Not)

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Dec 102011

Long out of print, this dragon regularly changes hands on eBay for $600 or more.  Now we have 100 of these bad boys in a limited run.

Arguably one of the most iconic dragons ever made, this is a collector’s dream come true to have a second chance to get this amazing looking dragon.

Cast in high quality resin with every individual piece lovingly placed in their own vacuum form cavities.

Comes with a custom square base, and the Confrontation 3.5 cards (2) necessary for gaming.

These previously long OOP figures are sure to move quickly, and are still full of the individual character that has made Confrontation famous!