Pathfinder Bestiary 3

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Dec 182011

The hive-mind here at Paizo has pulled out all the stops for Bestiary 3: we’ve opened up tattered books on mythology, scoured dusty tomes at the library, and written notes on cocktail napkins as we read our favorite classic pulp fiction and literature to bring you a cornucopia of creatures for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Like both of our previous Bestiaries, these creatures will take your game to a whole new level, whether you’re using them as foes to strike fear into your players, allies to aid them, or new races for them to meet!


You can read more and buy it here from Paizo

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New from Wizards of the Coast The Masked Witches (PB)

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Dec 162011

The Masked Witches (PB)

$ 7.99 SRP

Aoth Fezim and his mercenary company have restored their tarnished reputation and attracted new recruits for their depleted ranks. But they still have one big problem. Too many griffon mounts were killed in the battles in Thay Chessenta. If “the Brotherhood of the Griffon” is to be more than a name, new mounts must be found.

As it happens, the masked witches in Rashemen have griffons available to a worthy few who can slay the undead that are committing atrocities throughout the land. Aoth volunteers his band, as do other groups who are in the market for the fighting beasts. But things are not as they seem. Epic battles between rival sellswords, berserkers, and aerial skyships punctuate this whirlwind tale set in a barbaric land of oracles, nature spirits, and talking animals.


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New Releases from Cubicle 7

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Dec 162011

Totems of the Dead Players Guide

Before you lies a savage new world of sword and sorcery like no other! A terrible new age has dawned upon the Untamed Lands. The shining age of the ancestors is crumbling beneath a rising tide of blood and slaughter. Here lie the civilizations of the Untamed Lands, warring with their neighbors just to survive as their crops and game dwindle. The Skadians with their dragon-prowed ships, the Shenese with their wealth of silk and steel, the Maztlani with their obsidian edged blades and the Tribal Confederacies with the unbreakable strength of many arrows. Ruskar invaders stain the snow crimson while Atlantean war parties ravage the eastern shores. Meanwhile the serpent folk lie coiled to strike the warring human nations.

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Whitewater from Mayfair Games February 12

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Dec 152011

Danger and excitement lurk around every bend of the river in White Water™. Race down a deadly river carefully navigate your rafts through the obstacles, trying to keep your paddles and your crew inside the raft. In the game White Water™ each player directs the actions of four courageous rafters. Each raft in the race contains four crew,, with two crew from you and two from another player. Players control the crew within a raft, but also may use Energy cards to additionally help one raft or the other. Dice represent the effects of hazards you encounter, and even your best-laid plans can be spoiled by another raft pushing you a direction you don’t want to go.



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Dec 152011

Hermetic Projects

You are a Hermetic magus, one of the greatest wielders of magic Mythic Europe has ever seen. You can control the winds with a word, the beasts with a gesture. You can create a forest in a matter of moments, and destroy castles with a thought. No secret of mortal man is safe from your investigation. So, what do you do with all that power? Build a covenant inside a volcano, or a tower that touches the sky. Construct enchanted ships to sail any ocean, or even on the clouds. Collect magical beasts from across Mythic Europe and beyond, or become the most deadly opponent in Wizard’s War that the Order has ever seen. You could even cheat death itself. This book describes the spells and enchantments needed to achieve these marvels, using the Hermetic magic taught to every apprentice of the Order of Hermes. What wonders will you create?

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From Fantasy Flight Games Deathwatch The Jericho Reach in February

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Dec 142011

The Jericho Reach is an exciting new supplement for Deathwatch! This comprehensive tome provides in-depth information on the struggles of Kill-teams currently operating throughout the Reach. Each chapter delves into detail on the personalities, planets, and themes of a specific salient, while providing players and Game Masters alike with important resources for integrating the setting more deeply into their campaigns. What’s more, The Jericho Reach includes a full adventure. When Watch Fortress Erioch receives an astropathic distress signal from deep inside a Tyranid-infested planet, the Kill-team is immediately dispatched to investigate. Now, they must fight their way through monstrous adversaries while working to uncover the source of the strange message. But can they solve the mysteries of this war-ravaged world in time?

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New Miniatures from Privateer Press In January

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Dec 142011

Privateer Press will be bringing us some new toys after the first of the year.


My favorite is Protectorate: Nicia, Tear of Vengeance Character Solo

The widow of a proud Menite soldier, Nicia hopes only that by the time she meets her own inevitable, bloody death she will have killed enough unbelievers to join her husband at Menoth’s side. This peerless Daughter of the Flame strides through battle with lethal grace and speed, each movement gauged to bring her within striking distance. Even as she cuts through one foe, she fells another with cannon fire, wheeling her blade around for another kill. Few enemies have witnessed Nicia’s murderous devotions and lived. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

The Guild trading cards will be arriving at stores near you in January.


The Guild, an award-winning web series that we gamers and hobby fans can truly identify with, is now collectible! Follow the Knights of Good through the first three seasons of the show, starting with Zaboo popping up on Codex’s door and wrapping-up with the epic duel to the digital death between the Knights of Good and the Axis of Anarchy. Sixty-three cards composed of the most screenshot-spamworthy moments of the show make up the base set. Track down the nine-card chase set, and loot both autographs and memorabilia from the cast. Go on a pack-cracking frenzy this Fall with The Guild trading cards! 24 packs per box.


This display contains: 63-card Base set 2 Nine-card Chase sets 1 Autograph card per box 1 Wardrobe card per box

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New Catacombs Expansion Horde of Vermin Coming in March

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Dec 142011


Catacombs: Horde of Vermin

Rats, bats, snakes!  While exploring the Catacomb the heroes encounter hordes of them crawling and flying everywhere!

Catacombs: Horde of Vermin is a new expansion for the award winning dexterity game Catacombs. In the base game, the heroes valiantly fight monsters from the dungeon, mythological, infernal and undead family.

This expansion introduces the vermin family: seven new monsters from hordes of Rats to the horrendous Remorhaz who crawl from the sewers to challenge the heroes.  Do not be deceived by the diminutive size of these monsters, with their ability to instill fear and inflict poison attacks on even the most battle hardened warriors. Left untreated, poisoned heroes can meet a swift end. Fortunately, the heroes can retaliate with new items including the lethal Vermin Blade. Furthermore, the Wizard gets new spells to cure poison and the ability to cast the powerful Giant Fireball.

Also included are new rules and enhanced cards for owners of the Cavern of Soloth expansion.

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The GM and His Show

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Dec 132011

Being a game master, or a GM, is in many ways like being a director of a motion picture.  Both the GM and the director are responsible for the well being of their show.  Not only must both maintain the integrity of what is unfolding before the cast, but both also moderate the flow of information. Continue reading »