Feb 062015

yaah_final_3Yaah! Magazine on Sale!

February 3, 2015. Yaah! Magazine is on the way. We’ll be shipping Issue #1 before the end of February. Gamers can order theirs and save 20% at www.flyingpiggames.com.

A new kind of magazine, Yaah! is an independent publication that covers all types of war and strategy games, regardless of publisher. Issue #1 includes two complete games, Hastings and Stamford Bridge, articles on today’s hottest titles from writers such as Peter Perla, John Burt, and Ania B. Ziolkowska, and scenarios for the games you love. What’s not to like?

About Flying Pig Games
Founded by award-winning designer, Mark H. Walker, Flying Pig Games focuses on strategy games that are fun and accessible. Their first game, Night of Man, a card-driven, counter and board based, science fiction game, has funded on Kickstarter. The Flying Pig Games website may be accessed at http://www.flyingpiggames.com.

Mark H. Walker

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