Jul 202012

WOW TCG Battle of the Aspects Raid Deck

$ 30.00 SRP


Contents: 60 Card Deck • 5 Oversized Dragon Aspect Multiplayer Hero Cards • 2 Oversized Deathwing Raid Boss Cards • 12 Token Cards • 8 Achievement Cards (for additional replayability) • 4 Limb Tentacle Cards (for additional replayability) • 1 Cataclysm Card (for additional replayability) • Treasure Pack ($5.99 Value) • Rulebook Play against the automated Deathwing Raid Deck with 2 or more friends. Includes additional cards to help alter gameplay against Deathwing for added replayability. Use any of the five Dragon Aspect oversized hero cards for epic multiplayer or one-on-one battles with brand-new deckbuilding rules.

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