Aug 242014

While at Gen Con 2014 I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Erik Mona.   Here are the highlights:

Best 2 days at Gen Con ever were Thursday and Friday

Pathfinder most loyal fans ever

Sagamore Ballroom 160 7 player tables

1000 people in same event

Pathfinder Adventure card Guild

20thconsecutive Gen Con for Erik

Deal with Obsidian Entertainment – this might still be exsclusive.

first thing to work on is digital version of the adventure card game

Iron Gods Adventure Path

Technology Guide

Sell out at show

nearly everything gone

Future Releases

Monster Codex in October – Focuses on 20 creatures

Strategy Guide in Dec

Pathfinder Unchained – spring

Inner Sea races in may

Occult adventures.

It is always a pleasure to talk with Erik.  I look forward seeing all of them at Paizo Con this summer.