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HeroClix Supremacy League System is a focal point for organized play at the retail store level. The league serves to give a loose format to open play in stores without placing undue restrictions or requirements on participants. It supports a casual format of organized play that can supplement a store’s tournament events, and helps to create excitement in-store for ongoing play throughout the week.

Record keeping is done entirely on the board, making it a breeze to run at the store level and minimizing the effort needed to implement it. It also serves as a focal point in the store, creating excitement for new players and long time players alike!




The board includes five of the Convention Prize Exclusive Figures from 2011 – one copy each of Ms Marvel LE, DC Wonder Woman LE, and three Horsemen of the Apocalypse LE figures (one of each!). The figure value alone makes the kit a bargain, and the power of the board to pull players into the store will pay off dividends for a long time to

come as players make purchases!

The HeroClix Supremacy League System is expected to begin shipping in the first week of January. Some minor assembly is required.


This sounds like a great way to push casual play.   A league that runs during regular events – so it doesn’t interfere with the games the players already planned on.  plus it has great prizes to boot.   We will try and get a better scoop on this from Alliance.


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