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2017_skarrd_book_1Gen Con 50 is going to be big, very big, and if you play Dark Age you might just come out Skarrd!
This new tome of Dark Age lore and rules puts a new face on the mutant cannibals and introduces a powerful new threat from within their ranks – the undying worshippers of atomic fallout, the Cult of Decay! Bringing new rules for one of Dark Age’s oldest sets of monsters as well as revealing many new units, Dark Age: Skarrd is a must have for Skarrd players and Dark Age fans.

SRP: $39.99 | Sale On Reception
SKU: DAG0015 Case Count: 10 UPC: 9781941427125
Case Dimensions: 13.2 x 10.6 x 9.7in

1 Hardback Source Book

• A high quality, full color, hardback source book.
• This book is used to guide the collecting and gaming of a Skarrd warband for Dark Age.
• This book contains the background of the Skarrd people – focused on each of the sub-factions, a description of the role of each of the Skarrd units, the rules for each of the Skarrd units, photos of many of the Skarrd miniatures, and loads of great ongoing narrative about the world of Samaria and the Skarrd’s place in it.

SRP: $14.99 | Sale On Reception
SKU: DAG0816 Case Count: TBD UPC: 889696006868
Case Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.75in

The mutant survivalists and cannibal horrors of the
Skarrd are growing by leaps and bounds, shown by their
increased ranks and the threat they pose to humanity
on Samaria. This 95-card pack contains everything
a Dark Age player needs to know. Found inside are
the current rules, statistics, and abilities of the Skarrd
Horde, Blood Cult, Toxic Cult, Cult of Metamorphosis,
Cult of Decay, and a couple of Bounty Hunters willing
to work for monsters. From improved rules on old units
found in existing Skarrd forces to the new models just
now joining them, this card pack has it all!

SRP: $59.99 | Street Date: August 18, 2017
SKU: DAG03001 Case Count: 6 UPC: 889696006547
Case Dimensions: 6in x 4.5in x 2.25in

From the early days after the Abandonment, when the they
fled from the ruins of Port City to become the tribes of
the Baniss, to the appearance of the Heretic Saint and the
creation of the Skarrd, the denizens of the Northern Wastes
have had to become brutal killers to survive. There is no room
for the weak, there are no resources to be spared on the
sick or elderly. In Skarrd society, you take what you need to
survive and you follow the commands of your Tribal Father.

1 Tribal Father, 1 Warhead, 3 Buzzblade, 3 Harpy, 1 50mm
bases, 3 40mm bases, 4 30mm bases, their Dark Age Unit
Cards, and 9 Skarrd Horde Psychogenics cards.

• Highly detailed metal and resin miniatures.
• This 500-point Skarrd Faction Starter Box is
the ideal way to start a Skarrd collection.
• This Skarrd Faction Starter Box provides the
core of a brutal Skarrd warband. The Tribal
Father provides leadership, excellent combat
skills, and a great array of psychogenic
abilities. The Warhead, however, is the real
muscle of the group, being able to take quite
a bit of punishment AND deal out a lot once
he closes in. The Buzzblades are the line
troopers of a Skarrd force, great for ganging
up on enemies or picking off stragglers. The
Harpies are excellent for grabbing objectives
and preventing your opponents from
achieving theirs.

disciples_raze_compRAZE AND DISCIPLES
SRP: $54.99 | Street Date: August 18, 2017
SKU: DAG03013 Case Count: 6 UPC: 889696006660
Case Dimensions: 6in x 4.5in x 2.25in

No one can remember where Raze came from, and the silent
Raze does not care to illuminate anyone. There is much
speculation on his origin – from suggestions he is a cyborg to
rumors he was created before the Fall – but none of it really
matters. All that matters is that Raze goes where he pleases, and
the enemies of Raze do not last long. This stoic and constant
presence has spawned a cult of admirers, fanatics who have
modified their bodies to echo the shape of Raze himself.

1 Raze, 3 Disciple of Raze, 1 50mm bases, 3 40mm bases,
and 2 Dark Age Unit Cards.

• Highly detailed metal and resin miniatures.
• Raze will be a feature model in any Skarrd
warband, while the Disciples of Raze can
provide significant close-range support.
• Raze is simply a brutal killer, so wading him
into the thick of your enemy’s line in key. His
Headbutt can knock even big opponents
to the ground, and then his Halberd Saw
can quickly finish them off. He is immune
to Extreme Damage and his Unstoppable
will keep him in the fight for a long time.
The Disciples of Raze are best used to flank
Raze, keeping any annoying fodder off him
as he barrels toward his targets.

skarrd_fellpack_compFELL PACK UNIT BOX
SRP: $34.99 | Street Date: August 18, 2017
SKU: DAG03020 Case Count: 6 UPC: 889696006738
Case Dimensions: 6in x 4.5in x 2.25in

Much like the members of the Skarrd tribes, the
fell jackals of Samaria are skilled scavengers who
use pack tactics to bring down their enemies. It is
little wonder, therefore, that the beasts are now
ubiquitous around the fringes any Skarrd camp.
They can be used as hunting dogs, or guided
into battle by the violent Scourge taskmasters.
Whichever way the Fell Packs are used, you can
bet that no tears will be shed over their fate.

2 Scourge, 2 Fell Pack, 2 40mm bases,
2 30mm bases, and 2 Dark Age Unit Cards.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures.
• Scourges and Fell Packs are solid line troops in
a Skarrd warband.
• The Scourges are most often found driving Fell
Packs forward into combat, but their whips can
guide Buzzblades up the center of the table
just as easily. The Fell Packs are best used on
the flanks, racing forward to tear apart enemy
objective runners, before moving in to snap at
the heels of larger foes.



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