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Apr 292012


$ 20.00 SRP

Redshirts is a fast paced screw-your-buddies style card game, with simple mechanics and a humorously irreverent take on a certain classic sci-fi television series. Everyone in the Galactic Space Corps knows that the most successful starship Captains go through junior enlisted crewmen like a fat kid goes through cupcakes. In Redshirts, you will: -Assemble and lead an away team of heroic yet disposable characters at a variety of locations. -Examine every mission in detail to determine the crewman with the very best chance to succeed, and then send someone else. -Turn your starship into a slaughterhouse as wave after wave of underlings rush to their death like a pack of lemmings with teleporter technology! Be the first to eliminate every Redshirt on your ship and demonstrate that you have what it takes to lead…from the rear!

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