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If you know me you  know that I would much rather play a game of 40k, Fantasy, or Rezolution over putting models together.  I know for some of you that is like a carnal sin.  But I have no problem putting unpainted models on the table.  Heck I don’t even have a problem using a pair of socks as terrain.   Some would look at it and say “I can’t play on  that it doesn’t look good.”   Well, I would laugh and tell you “It is an imaginary hill in an imaginary game world.”  My point is I bought the toys to play the game.


There are several ways to to make sure you put more game into your hobby.  Some of these will boost your spirit and want you to play more, others will make it easier to play.

  • Pick the right game
  • Buy the army you want to play
  • Play before you paint
  • Pick easy models if you can
  • Don’t be mislead by what others say make your own decision
  • Choose the right group to play with.

Picking the game that is right for you is one of the tougher things to do, and it is just as tough to talk about.  There are so many factors that come into play.  The very first one you should consider is your budget.  Is that game  you are looking at affordable?  Does the price of the models give me room to grow without killing my budget.   There is nothing more frustrating to me, as an owner of a hobby shop,  than to watch someone struggle with the pieces they have because that is all they can afford.   Especially, when with a little research a decision could have been made that could have that player to a game that is cheaper and just as fun.  In order to make sure you find an affordable game here is what you should ask.  How often does the manufacturer  raise there prices?  What is the release schedule like for the game? and  How many models are in a standard game.    With those three questions you can conclude how practical the game is for you.


Once you have picked the right game you have to pick an army or a faction to play.  If you want to put more game into your hobby do not pick a faction because the models look cool.  I have seen so many players do this and it is a mistake.   When choosing an army pick the one you want to play based off your desired play style.  I would say that about 40 percent of the players that pick  armies on looks leave the game, 20 percent stick with the choice, and the other 40 percent switch factions.   Remembering that you have to play with the models is a good thing, even though good looking models are neat.  If you really want cool models you can always buy models from other companies that are affordable and use them.  There is only one company that will give  crap about it and if a player gives you crap about tell them to shove it.


Play the army before before you assemble and paint it.   Yes that is right.  I am telling you to do one of things.  I am telling you to demo the game and the army before you buy it.  Here is another important piece of  advice.  If a store owner does not want to demo the game for you it should be a red flag that they do not have a lot of support for the game or he is not as interested in the game as you are.  If this happens just ask him to put him in touch someone who is playing the game.   The other option is to  carefully open up the package and use the bases.  That is right play a game or two with the bases.   If you decide you don’t like the faction you can return it.


Picking easy models to assemble is the fastest way to get to a game.  If you want to game more look for models that that are one piece or only have a couple of pieces.  This is such a time saver if you are excited about playing.


Don’t be mislead by a seller who wants to sell you a more expensive game.   While most retailers want you to play a game they would rather you buy the game that costs more if they have a following for it.  In other words make sure you you watch out for your best interests.


Choosing the right group to game with is the best thing you can do to guarantee you play more.   If you are playing with a bunch of tight wads that insist everything be painted before playing.  You will most likely be discouraged if you try and bring anything less than tabletop quality to the table.  While I wholeheartedly agree painted models look better than un painted models, it is about playing first.


Well, you can take it for what it is but if you want to game more those are some of things I have suggested to people to improve their gaming experience

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