Feb 162017

enforcers-plagueWarpath Firefight: The Other Sci-Fi Game from England



I decided to do a write up of this game after my first two games played.  I also watched a third.  The most amazing thing is they occurred one after another in a space of five hours.  This is a new game to my group.  We backed it on Kickstarter.  

We went whole hog, full bore, so to speak.  Not content to just kill the other player we decided to play scenarios as the designers intended.  The armies used were Marauders (Orc like race), Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (Normal Human Soldiers), and Forge Fathers (Dwarves).  I was maneuvered into playing Forge Fathers.  Not a choice I would have normally made.  After my two games I love the stunty little bastids’.  We played at 1250 point suggested level.  

What I loved about the games was that it played quickly even for those of us learning as we went.  If a unit had an ability in your army and a unit in another army had an ability it was called exactly the same thing.  It also worked exactly the same way.  All units in my army had headstrong in the Marauder army some of his leaders had it.  The same rule looked up once worked the same way both cases.  Clean, crisp, clear lead to fast play.  We did not use the order mechanic but it will add a tremendous amount of tactical depth to our future games.  

In my first game I was mauled by a Marauder armored assault.  I put in some halftracks to move my troops and get a small boost in the heavy weapon area.  I was met by 6 raptor vehicles (trucks), 2 Stunt-bots (Dreadnaughts), some auxiliaries and Commandos.  All led by a Mercenary Warlord.  These were all the models my friend had. There are no force construction limits.  I had looked at the marauder list.  I thought he would have a problem with my armored vehicles.  Nope Stunt-bots and trucks can really handle anything.  I had a blast loosing!  I can’t say that about many games.  I lost control of the board turn 4 and I was still in the game on victory points. I couldn’t handle the fast glass cannon raptors fast enough.

My second game, after really fine tuning my list, was against a large human army.  We played a couple of rules wrong on both sides.  This was when I discovered quantity has a quality all its own in this game. I was literally worn down by the mass of troops he had.  Out pointed on objectives and almost out of bodies on turn 5.  

The Marauder Human battle was epic.  Won on points 15 to 11.  Could have gone either way also a 5 turn game.  

My take away was this; great game for those who like to finish a game.  We played 5 to 6 hours and finished 3 full games no rules headaches.  All armies were clearly different, but well matched.  I will also be playing multiple armies.  All armies seem to be a build to your taste.  I can see that orders can make the game deep.  I give props to Mantic this is an easy to use ruleset that offer depth to the play.  The other company cannot say that.         

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