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Tomorrow’s War is produced by Osprey Publishing for Ambush Alley Games.  The book is just the right size for the gamer, 260 pages.  It is fully embossed with several nice pictures and easy to use charts.  Even though the fog of war cards are available as a deck  I wish they  were removable.

There is not a models line for this game.  there is a complete list of manufacturers that carry adequate mini’s in both 15mm and 28 mm that can be used.

Tomorrow’s War is set in the 24th century.  Humanity has begun colonizing off world.  This has lead to the discoveries of new technologies and even alien races.

It is a game of Modern Warfare game.  It covers just about everything you want in Sci-fi, Vtol’s,off and on board artillery, reinforcements,and airstrikes.  It uses a pointless system for army construction.  That is to say that a marine is not x points.  Instead all troops are assigned a experience type ranging from green to elite.  Each troop type has a different die value for its skills.    Most of your troops in a game are green so it balances nicely.

The game mechanics are a little different.  As I mentioned before the experience of the troop determines the die value, Green troops use d6 while the best troops use a d12.  When making a skill check you would roll the appropriate die.  This is an opposed roll.  You may roll 5d6 against 3d12.   What is important about the system is that a success of 4 plus can be trumped by a higher opposed roll.  I have played the game and I like the system.

Tomorrow’s War is a great Sci-fi game for clubs. You can take it anywhere in the world and teach someone how to play, it is that easy. Without a point system it lacks the structure needed for tournaments.

What I would like to see in a future print run is a quick reference sheet.


I should note that the Fog of War cards are available at your retailer.

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