Jul 262016

“What’s that noise?”

All the warriors lifted there ear.

Run! Cried the Commander, “Gen Con is upon us!”

“Shall we crack open the Kegs Sir?” One Shouted with great Cheer.

“No, not until the die has been rolled,” he belched.

A cloud of dust rose over the land as they rushed to Indianapolis for great games and companionship.

Hi, I’m Matt Lemke and I would like to welcome you to my Gen Con 2016 count down. Every year I share with you the highlight I find to be the most interesting at Gen Con. This year I will begin with a brief overview of my Through Gamer Goggles interview Schedule.  But first I really have to thank these great people:

Joeseph Johnson

Jeanette Lemke (mom)

Phil Reed

and Molly Reed.

If it wasn’t for them helping me with my last minute GoFundMe I might not be going.  If you want o be one of those names there is still time to jump in and help out. They helped me create this type of schedule.

Confirmed interviews and previews

Firelock Games

Loren Coleman – Catalyst Game Labs

Legendary Games

CMoN Mini’s and The Others

Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games

Jonathan Nelsen – AAW

Robert Dubois and Dave MacCleod – DP9

Eric Lauchard – Anti Matter Games

Collins Epic Wargames

End of Transmission Games

Shane Ivery – Arc Dream Publishing

Andrew Hackard – Steve Jackson Games

Charles Rice –  Mayfair Games

Jodi Black – Pinnacle Entertainment

Jeff Combs – Exile

Tony Gullotti – Arcane Wonders

Chris Birch – Modiphius Entertainment

Hawk Wargames

Jason Bulmahn – Paizo

Mythic Battles

That is big list.  I don’t think I have ever gone into a show with this many confirmed interviews, and they are still rolling in.  I might need a vacation after this. Well enough of that!

My count down will include some honorable mentions and the top x games I’m looking forward to.

Without wasting any time I’m diving into an honorable mention.


I would like to start with Dreadball from Mantic Games. Dread ball is a sport, something that crosses rugby, soccer, football, and field hockey, set against the backdrop of the Warpath universe.When I first heard it was a sport style miniatures game I was turned off because that wasn’t my thing.  Well I gave it a try and I liked, but it’s hard for me to get the guys to play it.  I do believe it’s growing on them though.

In the past five years it has grown immensely, new teams, characters, and some rules. Now the rules are a little bit spread out and the teams are too.

Why am I excited about this? Mantic just launched the Dreadball Kickstarter and it looks awesome.  I’m Sure Ronnie Renton will have something to say about it.  Here is the video from the Kickstarter

My next Honorable mention is Tyrants of the Underdark.

This Gale Force 9 Dungeons and Dragons Licensed game looks phenomenal.  It was previewed at Origins, no I didn’t get to play, but everyone who did told me it was a blast.

I hope to have a box breaking for you tonight or tomorrow.

Until next time be safe!.


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