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Oct 012013

NumeneraThunderstone Advance: Numenera

$59.99 SRP

Doom was driven out of Tala. Defeated a second time, Doom sought out another world to conquer and a new method of doing so.  It found the Ninth World, Numenera.  Home to heroes and monsters unlike any seen before, Numenera plays host to Doom’s attempt to seize control by taking the form of a virus, infecting those now known as Doomladen.  These creatures can be human, beasts, or monsters, but all recognize one another and their common master.  Can the heroes survive when potentially anyone or anything could be a servant of Doom?

Thunderstone Advance: Numenera takes the adventure of Thunderstone to the world of Monte Cook’s Numenera.  This set features creatures and heroes from the Numenera role-playing game, and expands your Thunderstone set with many new and exciting cards and abilities. 

Players:  2-5

Ages 14+

Play Time:  1 hour


600 new cards

Thunderstone tokens

Draw String Bag


Card Dividers

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