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Late-Pledge Campaign Now Open with First Full Regional Supplement for The Dark Eye RPG
LYON, FRANCE (August 4, 2017) – Game On Tabletop, the innovative new crowdfunding platform dedicated to tabletop games, and Ulisses-Spiele have partnered to open a late-pledge campaign for The Dark Eye: Warring Kingdoms, the first full regional supplement for The Dark Eye roleplaying game.

The Dark Eye: Warring Kingdoms is an in-depth series with adventures, accessories and a wealth of information to add to The Dark Eye RPG. On the heels of a successful crowdfunding campaign, Ulisses-Spiele has opened late pledges for Warring Kingdoms on Game On Tabletop, which offers a variety of pledge levels for items such as The Dark Eye: Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook, Warring Kingdoms Map Set, New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels, Hero’s Breviary of the Warring Kingdoms, Armory of the Warring Kingdoms, Warring Kingdoms Card Pack, and more.

This marks the second campaign Ulisses-Spiele has brought to Game On Tabletop, the first being the highly successful Das Schwarze Auge, the reprint of the German-language version of The Dark Eye, Germany’s leading RPG for three decades. There are two weeks remaining in that campaign for fans to update their collection with new and old revised adventures and core books.

Timothy Brown, the Studio Director for Ulisses North America, said, “We are excited to bring more campaigns to Game On Tabletop after seeing their marvelous success with the Das Schwarze Auge retro box campaign. We look forward to seeing what they can do with Warring Kingdoms and more in the future!”

After four years of hosting highly successful tabletop crowdfunding campaigns in France under the name Casus Belli, Game On Tabletop is a community-driven platform for gamers, by gamers.
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About Ulisses
Ulisses Spiele is the biggest German RPG publisher. Besides publishing Das Schwarze Auge, the most popular German RPG and its English version The Dark Eye, they also publish German versions of the Pathfinder Roleplaying game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and Earthdawn. They are also re-launching the new version of the TORG RPG.

About Game On Tabletop
Game On Tabletop is located in Lyon, France and was created by the team behind Black Book Editions, France’s premier RPG publisher and promoter. With more than 20 years of experience in the hobby gaming industry and four years successfully running the Casus Belli crowdfunding platform, Game On Tabletop takes that platform and launches it on the global scale to create an engaging crowdfunding community for gamers, by gamers. For more information, visit

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