Jan 292018

Coffee table art book being offered from Funforge, currently on Kickstarter

As many know, Funforge is among the very first partners which we were lucky enough to work with when Passport Game Studios was founded. Their game Tokaido, as well as all the subsequent products which have released in the Tokaido family including two expansions, a deluxe edition & related accessories, metal coins, miniatures, and even an app– have all helped in making Passport a well known name in our industry.

This month, the team at Funforge is expanding the Tokaido product line further by taking all the gorgeous, iconic art from their line and creating a stunning hardcover book featuring all sorts of images from the entire life of the brand, from concept art to final print versions of characters, locations, and more. While Passport isn’t directly linked to this project, we’re so fond of Tokaido and the amazing work that Funforge pours into their products that we wanted to take a minute and make sure every one of you had a chance to see this new project, and to share with your audiences if you like.

The Kickstarter campaign page can be seen here.

Here are some additional images from the campaign showing off the vision for their final product:


In addition to the hardcover book, Funforge has plans in the campaign to unlock game content for fans as well, including alternate art versions of select traveler boards, as well as other Tokaido-themed merchandise only available during this campaign including bookmarks, playing cards, and more.

Take a minute to check out their campaign, and if you love it as much as we do, please feel free to share it with your fans! Hundreds of Tokaido lovers have already pledged their support for the book, and we can’t wait to connect many more to this amazing project.

Thank you for your support, and have a great weekend,
The Passport Game Studios Team,
Scott, Ryan, and Chaz

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