Jan 212015

5th LAND
Golden Ratio announces the Kickstarter launch of The 5th Land (Board game)
A post apocalyptic War & Resources game, set after the polar ice caps melted and the oceans
drowned our cities…
Athens, Greece – January 15th 2015. Today, Golden Ratio announced The 5th Land, a Resource
Management & Wargame hybrid, with very easy to learn rules (5 minutes) where the players take the
lead of one of the 5 main alliances that have formed in the future and must race to be the first to
control 5 lands on the map.
A wining strategy will require players to build alliances, backstab, accumulate resources and
ultimately fight each other on the field (militarily) and on the world markets (financially).
The game takes place on a hexagon tiled map, with the special characteristic of being able to be
setup in 11’664 different map permutations, thus assuring always a different map and always a
different experience.
The 5th Land is for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 and older and takes approximately 20-40 minutes to play.
It includes 10 MegaTiles which consist of Land and Sea tiles each one with a different combination of
resources; 5 Player sets, each with a Supply Card, 20 Wooden Meeples, 10 Wooden Sea Units, 10
Wooden Air Units; a World Market Board; 70 paper Money Notes; 16 Neutral Wooden Meeples; 20
Plastic Markers 3 Dice (D6,D12,D20) and a RuleBook.
The 5th Land is on Kickstarter from today for the next 45 days.
For more information you can visit www.The5th.Land

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